Cardiac Health

Well, I got the imagining results back and much to my surprise, it isn’t as bad as I expected.

The good news: my heart isn’t backwards and none of my valves are quadleaflet (has 4 flaps) and none of my valves show signs of stenosis (hardening) or degradation. All my ventricles are the correct size and are working fine.

The not so great, but also not surprising: I have a 1.1cm aortic aneurysm in my thoracic cavity. It isn’t dangerous until it gets 5cms or larger and we caught it when I was very young, which means we just need to monitor it. I have one valve in my vena cava (the largest vein associated with the heart) that isn’t working properly. It leaks a little bit while resting due to it not closing correctly. Most likely it is congenital and not a big deal… it may need to be replaced eventually.

We’ll have to wait on the stress test imaging to know more. However, if the valve leak increases dramatically after I run on a treadmill eventually may come sooner than we expect. The good news about the valve replacement is it isn’t “open heart” surgery. They go in through the ribs on the left side. It is a much faster recovery time, despite not being “same day” surgery.

Furthermore, the stress test will reveal any blockages (which I know I have because I have angina) and it will reveal just how badly the valve leaks. And that part of it has been scheduled for early August. I’m still having issues with statins. Although, it would be better for me if I could find one that doesn’t cause me vertigo because unfortunately, I just produce too much cholesterol (both good and bad).

So, that’s where we are at.

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