D&R Character Sketches Supporting Characters Part 1

It’s time to get to the real supporting cast of D&R Myrna, Donnelly, Eric, Nyleena, and Trevor. I considered doing the Clachan Clan as a single post, but Trevor is every bit as important and a family member as any of those that share blood with Aislinn Cain. I included Donnelly and Eric in this group because they haunt Aislinn and have more impact than the living sister-in-law Elle or the niece Cassie and nephew Kyle.

One thing you’ll notice is that I don’t remember Trevor’s last name. I know it was given in Anonymous, but I couldn’t find it. I’ve shared my series bibles with Krissy Smith who has a side business building book and series bibles. Eventually, she’ll fill it in for me… until then I know he has a different last name than Lucas, but I don’t remember what it was exactly (and his family even has a federal building named after them).

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2 thoughts on “D&R Character Sketches Supporting Characters Part 1

  1. I am not always getting access to the content. It won’t let me log in. When I click the button, it just reloads the same page.


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