Bright and early Monday morning, I went to the hospital for my rescheduled stress test. Or at least, I was supposed to. I made it to the appointment just fine, but there was a snafu with the paperwork and the appointment ended up being for an echo and an ultrasound of my aorta.

I still need the stress test, but the other stuff is now done. The only thing I know from the ultrasounds at this moment is that my heart isn’t backwards. Meaning I don’t know about my aortic valve or any aneurysms yet. These are two concerns for me, as my mother has multiple aneurysms (weakened aortic wall syndrome) and my father’s valve defect is hereditary and his was asymptomatic.

Anway, I still need to have the stress test done. All I can say for it is that it will happen eventually.

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