Nephilim Narratives Supporting Character Sketches (Part 1)

The Nephilim Narratives have a lot of supporting characters with uncles and recurring demons and business partners. So, here’s the first 5 supporting character sketches; they cover Soleil’s immediate family (Raphael, Sofia, Helia, Aurora, and Ariel). The others are coming, and I imagine this is part 1 of the supporting characters (The main characters Soleil, Jerome, and Valerie posted last Wednesday) of five or so. The Angel Sketches are interesting because you get a more solid idea of when they were born. Eventually, I might create a timeline for the series since they occasionally refer back to prehistory (especially in Demon Boxes). More of the angel and demon character sketches will be posted later this week and next. Also, since I have 4 books partially written (with only 2 published), the sketches provide way more information than you as readers have had up to this point.

Now for business: the first “log-in” box is for monthly subscribers (they get the first box because they default as coming up first in the list of subscriber assignment options). The second is for yearly. If you want to subscribe you have 2 options: a monthly rate that starts at $5 or a yearly rate that starts at $12. These are the base prices, you can subscribe at higher rates by simply changing the amount. You must click the subscribe box associated with the one you want to use (so first box for monthly, second box for yearly). Once signed up, you will be able to see the content within your box (both boxes contain the exact same information – the program just won’t allow me to assign 2 different types of subscribers to a single box).

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