Crime Rates in Dreams and Realty and The Dysfunctional Chronicles

When I was working on Anonymous Dreams and again on Dysfunctional Dreams I got to thinking that I have never released “crime stats” for D&R. In the series, I have created something called Federal Guard Neighborhoods; gated communities operated and protected by federal officers that have retired or semi-retired due to injury from the FBI, Marshal’s Service, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and even the military.

I’ve given illusions as to why the FGNs and FGAs need to exist, but I’ve not given solid numbers. In D&R the death rate for police officers is 2,100 per 100,000 a year. Great. What is that in real numbers though? In D&R and the Dysfunctional Chronicles the death rates of police officers is 21% – way higher than real death rates – in 2019 there were a total of 89 officers killed in the line of duty in the entire country (the rate turns out to be something like 2 per 100,000 per year) – and 41 of those deaths were the result of traffic accidents while on duty.

So, back to D&R. If 21% of active duty law enforcement officers are killed in some way. There are roughly 9,000 officers (local and federal) in the KC Metro area in the books. In any given year, 21% of those officers are killed. That means 1,890 officers are killed in D&R each year. Given that the average is 100 officers per year in the US for us, that is a whole lot of dead police officers. Of course, in the books about 2% of the US population is a serial criminal, so it’s not surprising. In real life, less than .35% of the US population is a serial criminal that would fall under the purview of the SCTU (yep not even half a percentage point).

And in D&R less than 5% of those 2,100 deaths of officers are related to fatal car accidents and don’t also qualify as murder (as in a suspect ran the officer off the road to kill them or some other form of vehicular related homicide). In Innocent Dreams, I translated some of these percentages and rates into real numbers and the book starts with Gabriel telling the team that both teams are staying in KC for the two month, because there are 378 open murder and rape cases linked by DNA to 31 offenders and nearly all of them have passed a 6 body threshold including five preying solely on children.

This means that in D&R and The Dysfunctional Chronicles being a police officer is in fact the most dangerous job in America, by comparison it isn’t even in the top 20 in the real US. Knowing all this, what sort of criminals must exist and in what quantities to make such a thing happen?

A lot of very brutal killers. In this world, other crimes are less common, especially crimes like home invasion because you don’t want to force your way into the home of a serial killer or mob boss with goons. And it is violent “stranger” crimes that dominate the criminal landscape (murder, rape, arson, mugging, organized crime, etc). And this shows in the deaths of both main characters’ fathers; Nadine’s died either from a random armed robbery or a contracted hit set up by her own grandfather and Aislinn’s died while responding to a domestic violence call – interestingly, this does reflect real life more than most of the crimes in D&R. Domestic violence calls are among the most dangerous calls officer respond to.

At one point, Ace says towards the beginning of the series says there are roughly 1,000 active serial killers in the US… but the number has grown as the series has continued. For each one they capture Ace estimates there are at least 2 they don’t capture or even know about. This is a gross underestimation though as you will see in Innocent Dreams.

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