How To Subscribe to Premium Content

I have gotten quite a few questions about how to subscribe to the new premium content. So, this post is about that. I’m suggesting subscription fees of $5 but you can pay whatever fits your budget or what you think the content is worth. If you can’t afford $5, you can pay me less and still get access (must be $1 or higher it wouldn’t let me set it lower).

If you can afford and want to pay me more than $5, you can do that as well. I know a few people had asked me if they’d be able to subscribe multiple times to pay more for the content. And I decided the “pay what you want” option was better than having a bunch of different levels for different people (this is easier on both readers and me – I would have to remember what levels would get what content and to make it available to all those groups – and I can see me screwing it up… a lot). This morning’s blog post originally contained a “practice” link to subscribe with. But, I broke it when I realized it wasn’t set up to send premium content to subscribers who also signed up to get my blog delivered to them via email everyday.

But then I got 9 private and 2 direct messages asking me to fix it before Wednesday because they wanted to make sure they were subscribed to get the first piece of premium content that will release Wednesday morning. I originally thought I’d do it for tomorrow’s post, but I restarted my cholesterol medication today to make really, absolutely, positively sure that it was the cholesterol medication that caused my vertigo and while I feel a “bit off” today, I was super sick the night after I took it last week and the morning of the following week, which would be tonight and tomorrow morning.

Here’s your chance then to sign up for premium content before the release of the outline for The Dysfunctional expansion on Wednesday. The first 2 pieces are both related to the mechanics of The Dysfunctional Expansion. Better to get used to how I outline with an easy one before you have to look at a more complicated outline such as Anonymous Dreams.

Below is a photo of what the form looks like. I have circled the box where you can change the “amount” of your subscription. You can change this number to whatever you want, just remember that it is a recurring monthly charge… so if you set it for $5 this month, it will recharge in July at the same amount. Charges will show up as HJ Publishing.

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