“Essential Business”

Yesterday afternoon, the Verizon store my nephew was working at in Olathe was robbed. They robbed the store as well as the two people working inside (my nephew and another person). In this day and age, I understand why Verizon is considered an essential business. However, armed robbery definitely is not.

The store has been slow and for obvious reasons, I don’t know how much cash the criminal got away with. But even today, I’m still annoyed about it. My nephew manages 5 stores in Olathe, Kansas and this is the first time he’s ever been robbed and they picked a time when business has been really slow. They didn’t get much cash from the store, the biggest score was probably my nephew’s wallet. Money he works hard for and that isn’t insured. Yes, I would be less annoyed if they had just robbed the store and left the two employees with their money…. but criminals are criminals.

So, I told my nephew I hope the jackass who did the holdup gets coronavirus for breaking the “Shelter in Place” orders that covers all of the KC metropolitan area (which includes Olathe).

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