Serial Killers We Know About But Haven’t Caught

We know about serial killer cases that haven’t been solved like Zodiac. But Zodiac hasn’t been active in decades, and there are serial killers we know about that are active and haven’t caught. For example, I live in Missouri and my town sits on Interstate 70. When the serial killer known as Dr. No was captured in early 2019, I thought it might solve some unknown murders that have happened along I-70. Except, I was waiting for announcement that would never come. Because Dr. No apparently wasn’t connected to that string of murders.

The FBI has admitted that a string of disappearances and body dumps along I-70 running through Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri is most likely the work of a serial killer. They have not released why they think it’s the work of a serial killer, but I suspect they know why and since they are loathe to admit serial killers exist, it probably is. Now, Dr. No is a serial killer that was dumping the bodies of prostitutes along highways in Ohio and Pennsylvania in the 1990s and 2000s. He would rape them, strangle them, and dump their bodies miles away from where he picked them up. One of his victims was even a Missourian whose body he dumped in Ohio. It was speculated it was a truck driver, since the prostitutes were known to hang out at truck stops. When they caught him in February 2019, it turned out he was a long haul trucker out of Arizona. But that meant the I-70 killer was still out there. Especially since they didn’t announce him being connected to any murders where the bodies were found outside of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Murder Accountability Project believes there are two serial killers in Chicago right now. And while we haven’t found a Long Island Serial Killer victim since 2011, that doesn’t mean he stopped. He may have just found a different place to dump their bodies.

And I was recently informed there might be a serial shooter in St. Louis. This should be national news and isn’t for some reason. In April 2019, a person shot and killed an African-American child in St. Louis. The child was 2 years old. Since then, 11 more African-American children and teens in St. Louis have died the same way. It is obvious that while these children are victims of random violence, it is also obvious that they are in fact, the targets for this killer (in other words, the killer isn’t aiming at someone with the child and killing the children by accident). The youngest victim was 2 years old and the oldest has been 16 years old (wth the majority of the children being under the age of 10 years old). Police have found nothing in the pasts of the children or their parents to make them high risk for being victims of shooting violence. The crimes are taking place in low income neighborhoods. Some have said this is just a symptom of St. Louis’ high murder rates and bad luck. But as it continues, several people, including myself believe it is most likely a single killer targeting children they find outdoors. And the reason I believe this is because in cases with other serial shooters, there has always been a similar victimology that can be seen in this string of murders (if it was random drive by gang shooting violence, it wouldn’t just be children that were being murdered). Both serial shooters in Phoenix picked victims of opportunity in specific neighborhoods. They preferred Hispanic neighborhoods and weren’t too picky about the age or sex of their victims, but they only targeted people who they thought were adults. This killer seems to be following a similar pattern; they target specific neighborhoods, and only seem interested in killing children, with gender not being a factor. Also, most of the kids have died either in the yards of their home or near them. I’d talk about it more, but finding information has been difficult.

Along with St. Louis, those in the know think there are serial killers active in several large US cities including (but not limited to) Los Angeles, Kansas City, Houston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Miami. Having said that, remember the FBI is sure that there are around 200 active serial killers in the US at any time. Most private institutions that study crime patterns think that number is way low, with most estimating that every major city in the US with a metro population over a million people, have an active serial killer. Now, the definition including the term metro area is important. Only 10 US cities have a population over 1 million (New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Philadelphia, Dallas, and San Jose).

However, if you notice, some major US cities are not on that list: Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Detroit, and Atlanta which are cities, we can all agree are massive. This is because all major cities are made up of the city proper and their smaller satellite cities. The difference is these satellite cities. For example, the city of Kansas City, Missouri has a population of 500,000 people. But when you add the metro area which is Kansas City and 22 other cities, all with a population under 1 million, that travel to Kansas City for shopping, work, and other things, the population of the metro area becomes 2.1 million people. And for the purpose of statistics, this metro area has to be included, because they are so close to the boundaries of Kansas City proper.

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