UFOs in Vietnam

I did a blog post about UFOs during WWII and WWI. However, UFOs seem attracted to conflict (how very Predator of them). And the first two world wars, weren’t the only times that UFOs plagued troops during a war. It’s happened during most major conflicts. Now, one can say that it’s because there are a lot of aircraft during times of war, they fly lower, and they are more noticeable, but that doesn’t quite cover it. Because in Vietnam, we weren’t dealing the spectral lights known as Foo Fighters, we were dealing with something that occasional shot first and asked questions later.

I know of three reported attacks on troops by UFOs during Vietnam. The first was an attack on a patrol boat in 1968 that killed several US troops and was witnessed by multiple platoons. During the Vietnam war, these UFOs were referred to simply as Enemy Helicopters or as Viet Cong helicopters. Now, the north Vietnamese did have access to some helicopters. The Soviet Union and communist China had backed the communist north Vietnamese army, however, these helicopters came with either Soviet pilots or Chinese pilots, because neither government was willing to turn over their expensive flying machines to untrained pilots. Especially, since Vietnam was the first time helicopters were used in large numbers.

Back to the reports. In 1968, a US patrol boat running the Mekong radioed that it needed assistance. A ground platoon from the US army and another patrol boat responded to the call. Shortly after the second patrol boat arrived, the ground troops and men in the second patrol boat reported that an enemy helicopter had destroyed the first patrol boat with an explosive weapon. The second patrol boat tried to rescue anyone they found in the water and reported the bodies had been badly burned and the wreckage had sank very quickly.

In 1970, a US platoon on ground patrol reported seeing a large glowing object hovering over the jungle approximately three clicks (kilometers) from their location. There was a loud buzzing noise, a flash in the jungle and then the light flew away. The following morning, the same platoon went to investigate the area that had been hit by the flash and found a dozen or so guerrilla troops dead. The bodies were badly burned as was much of the jungle foliage.

In 1971 both US troops and north Vietnamese soldiers all reported that during the night (the groups were roughly two clicks apart) they were all made sick by an enemy helicopter that made a strange warbling noise. It hovered between the two groups for nearly half an hour. Soldiers from both sides suffered nausea, vomiting, fevers, weakened muscles, trembling, and headaches. Both sides were too sick to “fight” or even “go find” the enemy and had to call for reinforcements that evacuated them from the area. All the US troops involved in this encounter were hospitalized.

A similar encounter happened in 1951 during the Korean War and was experienced by US troops as well as Soviet troops.

For whatever reason, UFO reports increase exponentially during times of conflict. Some of these are no doubt misidentified aircraft, missiles, and other benign objects. But it doesn’t explain all of them, especially considering many of those doing the reporting are trained to identify aircraft on sight.

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