Carrie Brown

On April 24, 1891 the body of prostitute Carrie Brown was found mutilated in a hotel room in New York City. There has been speculation since 1891 that Carrie Brown was a victim of Jack the Ripper. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, although there is no concrete evidence that she was a victim of the Ripper.

There were two main suspects in the Brown murder; Arbie La Bruckman and Almeer bin Ali. A case could not be made against either man. Although, La Bruckman better matched the description of the man who checked into the hotel with Carrie Brown.

If, la Bruckman murdered Carrie Brown, there’s a good chance he was indeed Jack the Ripper. la Bruckman was a cattle slaughterer on ocean liners making the voyage between New York and London. When he was in London, he lived in rooming houses in Whitechapel.

Perhaps most surprisingly, he is listed in the official suspect register of Scotland Yard in accordance with the Ripper murders. And he was arrested for the murders at one point, but beat the charges.

Strangely, in the case of Carrie Brown, la Bruckman had a cast iron alibi, maybe. He was supposedly with friends at a pub, but the bartender didn’t remember him, only his friends vouched for his presence there. Since, la Bruckman wasn’t the killer of Carrie Brown, the police move on to the suspect Almeer bin Ali an Algerian who had come to NYC from France.

Under pressure to solve the American Ripper case, police do some extraordinary things to prove their case against him. Police follow a blood trail from Brown’s room to bin Ali’s room. Ali had an alibi, even more cast iron than la Bruckman’s. But the blood trail was all the evidence really needed. He was sentenced to life in prison and sent to Sing Sing prison.

After his conviction, the press begins sending letters to the governor of New York demanding the release of Almeer bin Ali. They all state that when they were allowed to view the hallway a few hours after the police began investigating the murder of Carrie Brown, the blood trail didn’t exist. The press is of the opinion that the NYPD planted the blood trail, in order to get a result in the case.

Ali was eventually released 4 years after his conviction with a full pardon from the governor of New York. However, a century later, the murderer of Carrie Brown remains a mystery. And forms the basis for multiple Jack the Ripper theories.

La Bruckman was indeed in London during the times of all the Ripper murders. And HH Holmes may have been there at that time as well and he was in New York City when Carrie Brown was murdered. Furthermore, there were some similarities between la Bruckman and Holmes in looks (I personally do not believe Holmes was Jack the Ripper).

It would not surprise me in the least to learn that Scotland Yard had indeed arrested Jack the Ripper and he beat the charges. I actually believe Arbie la Bruckman is probably the best Ripper suspect to date. Bruckman just disappeared in 1891. While police were still investigating the murder of Carrie Brown. Note was sent to Scotland Yard as well as other big cities in the US trying to locate him with no success. Because of this, he isn’t talked about very often even among Ripperologists (and most Ripperologists get queasy when someone suggests Jack may have crossed the Atlantic to kill in NYC).

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  1. bonjour hadena!
    depuis une dizaine d’année je lis des articles et des livre sur jack the ripper,dans toutes mes recherches il y a trois suspects que je pense probable d’etre jack the ripper………
    charles allen lechmere/francis tumblety/arbie la bruckman.

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