Not Getting Easier

The evolution of technology should make it easier to solve crimes, but the reality is a bit different. Even when fingerprints, DNA, and a witness or victim gets a photo or video of the criminal, there has to be something to compare and match it to, which can be difficult even when the criminal is a repeat offender.

I know that sounds nearly impossible, but with fingerprints, it’s quite easy. Some years ago, I accidentally cut off the pad of my ring finger with scissors. When the skin grew back, it was missing part of the finger print. The main part with the biggest grouping of loops and whirls. It doesn’t look like a scar exactly, it isn’t raised or anything, it’s just a section of my finger where when you look at it it’s completely smooth. However, a doctor told me even if it hadn’t grown back smooth, there’s no guarantee it would have grown back with the exact same pattern on it had before I accidentally cut it off.

Even security videos aren’t without faults. In Boston some years ago, a man in his 20s went missing from a bar. He was seen on video surveillance in the bar, but at the end of the night, he was gone and never heard from again, yet the cameras didn’t see him leave. CCTV in London followed a man for several blocks, he stepped out of view of the cameras in one area and just never reappeared. A decade later and no one has ever heard from him again either. Then there’s the bizarre Elisa Lam surveillance video footage of her in the elevator, right before she disappeared only to be found several weeks later in the water tanks on the roof of the hotel she had disappeared from, but without any evidence or ideas on how she got there.

In 2016, between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Brazil there were 2 different days when it rained blood and what appeared to be meat. There are lots of pictures and videos of the event taken by people with cell phones, but no adequate explanation has been found for the events.

The disappearing men were eventually chalked up to being murdered, but their bodies haven’t been found and I’m not convinced murder covers it, healthy male 20-somethings are not the preferred victim pool of killers. Did they have a break from reality and disappear of their own accord then? It sounds fantastic, but it does happen.

Or does something happen to them to cause amnesia like the guy in California who appeared on several episodes of Unsolved Mysteries in the 1980s and 1990s whose identity was eventually discovered and he was returned to his family in Canada still without memory of who he was or what had happened to him?

And technology didn’t help solve the mystery of the possessed family in Indiana a few years ago that made national news. As a matter of fact, it deepened it. Someone once commented to me that they wished the Dyatlov Pass victims had been in possession of video cameras so we would know what made them flee their tent to their deaths. Except, I’m not sure it would have solved the mystery. Even if they had captured video of a yeti stalking them or a mysterious alien craft landing near their tent, would we believe it?

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