The Annual Mothman Festival

I learned earlier this week that every year in September, Point Pleasant, West Virginia has a Mothman Festival.  I also learned that Point Pleasant has embraced this cryptid’s mythology and there is Mothman merchandise (not associated with the Debra Messing/Richard Gere movie).  

In 1966 and 1967 saw a massive amount of Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, not all encounters were terrifying.  There are stories from some that claim their encounter with the Mothman provided them with a premonition about a tragedy striking them or their families.

It was this idea that reporter John Keel capitalized on when he wrote the book The Mothman Prophecies that was used as the basis for the film of the same name.  

The book and then the movie granted the sleepy and dying town of Point Pleasant with a revenue source!  Thousands of people flock to Point Pleasant every year to see where Mothman made his most prominent appearance.  

I hope to go and I feel like I need a Mothman statuette, I saw one of the Mothman museum gift shop’s website, but the little statuette was not available for purchase on the site.  

The collapse of the Silver Bridge is an integral part of the Mothman story.  Mothman isn’t native to Point Pleasant, he has been reported in many locales across the globe, usually before a tragedy.  I even found accounts of a mothman like being in Pripyat, Ukraine in 1985… the year before the meltdown of Chernobyl.  And in 2017, reports started to surface that people were reporting a Mothman like creature in Chicago, IL.  A cryptozoologist has reportedly gathered more than 100 sightings of the creature from Chicago, IL which started in September of 2017.  As of yet, no disaster has befallen the city, unless you consider Chicago’s rising crime rate a disaster of the same magnitude of the Silver Bridge and Chernobyl.  

Later this week or next, I hope to do a post on Mothman sightings prior and post 1966/1967 in Point Pleasant.  Until then, just know that September 20 and 21 2019, if you are near West Virginia, there will be a Mothman Festival you could attend.  (I do secretly hope that if I make it Loren Coleman has a booth).  

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