A Good Mystery

I have no idea what happened with my blog posts the other day.  I try to schedule one a day not three.  I suppose as I got sicker on Thursday night and Friday, I screwed up the dating on them with the new WordPress control options for blog posts.

I need to clean and disinfect my laptop after this round of illness.  It isn’t one of those things I think to clean very often.  I only thought of it recently, because I wiped my screen down with the sleeve of my all cotton jacket.

And since 3 posts went out in one day, I’m now behind for the rest of the week on blog posts.  Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Agatha Christie, it turns out I’m a huge fan of the Miss Marple books.  And while waiting for the next one to become available to me, I picked up the first Lord Wimsey book by Dorothy L. Sayers.  I struggled to get through the first, but not the second.  

Both are set in the early 1900s.  And I’m enjoying the “first hand” look at the time period.  

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