The Jacket Copy

I’ve mentioned previously that I hate writing jacket copy (this is the description that goes on the back of the book).  It’s because I haven’t finished writing this section that I haven’t gotten the final cover for Demonic Dreams.

Since this is book 13 and it is directly tied to book 12, Flawless Dreams, my preference would be to say something like:

Gabriel and Aislinn are both missing.  The SCTU is scrambling to find them.  They are both alive, but it’s possible that being alive is a very temporary state.  Read Flawless Dreams to understand Demonic Dreams.  Contains some gore and some deep meaningful bonding.  Mostly a psychological horror novel with some gore thrown in for good measure because the bad guy is a serial killer after all.  Has a much lower body count than any of the other books.

Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly a gripping description and it isn’t going to get a lot of new readers, however if you start on Book 13 of this series, you might be slightly confused and unsure about personalities.  After all, much to even my amazement, Aislinn has grown as a person and a monster.

So that’s a crappy description and I think the book changed a bit from what I originally wrote 6 months ago as the jacket copy.

Aislinn Cain wakes up on a cold concrete floor having been drugged and kidnapped by serial killer Raphael Henders.  Despite the chaos, she has a few questions; is Gabriel still alive?  If so, for how long? And where exactly is she?

As the answers start to reveal themselves, Aislinn comes to the realization that Raphael Henders is unlike any serial killer she has ever faced before.  He is brilliant, cunning, sadistic, and brutal and he is focusing all of it on her.

To survive, Aislinn will have to play Raphael’s game.  One of them will have to die and Aislinn will need to use every resource she has to make sure it isn’t her.

That one needs some work too.  It’s better, but it isn’t great and the two or three people that had looked at it and commented, I have lost their comments because with a gmail account, I get a bit delete happy from time to time.

5 thoughts on “The Jacket Copy

  1. Your second write up is definitely cleaner and more gripping! You could always add something to the end of that stating “Directly continuing the adventure of “Flawless Dreams”, “Demonic Dreams” will have…” (insert descriptive here)” Could be many things, So I didn’t know what to say “will have the answers you’ve been waiting for”? “Will have you thrilled more than ever before”? “will have… you falling out of that seat you were already at the edge of”?? Lol! The possibilities are endless! But, it would help explain that they should read that one first without slapping them in the face and saying “HEY! READ THE OTHER ONE FIRST!!”

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  2. What if it started like this:
    Aislinn Cain does not like secrets. She likes being drugged and kidnapped by serial killers even less.

    Waking up on a cold concrete floor, she will have to play the game of a serial killer unlike any she has come across before.

    Is Gabriel still alive? If so, for how long? Where exactly is she? These are just some of the secrets she intends to uncover.

    As the answers start to reveal themselves, Aislinn begins to recognize that Raphael Henders is not only brilliant, cunning, sadistic, and brutal, he is part of the organized…
    The rest would pick up with what you have.
    I love the jacket but the initial part does seem a little stunted.

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  3. I really like the 2nd one the best. It’s much clearer and it does intrigue! Sometimes less is more….. maybe if you added in that itscacfollow up to Flawless Dreams it would make it more complete?? Either way I’m sure you’ll get out how you want it and I am literally dying to read it!!! Love your books

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  4. Please, whichever you decide on, please hurry! I’ve only recently discovered you, and have read all of the dreams series one after another in about 3 weeks – yes, I do have insomnia – and I’m fretting about Ace and Gabriel….

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