Time in the D&R novels

Time is always fuzzy in the Dreams & Reality novels.  This is intentional, Aislinn can’t keep track of it.  However, with Triggered Reality about to release, I decided to give some firm dates.  You will notice they don’t always match what Aislinn gives, primarily because Aislinn never has a clue how old she is, let alone someone else.

  • November 1966 – Isabella Clachan born
  • February 1969 – Eric Clachan born
  • September 1972 – Nyleena Clachan is born
  • July 1984 – Aislinn Clachan born
  • 1988 – AHEAD is formed by Donnelly Clachan & several others
  • 1992 – Mr. Callow kidnaps Aislinn
  • 1996 – Isabella and Donnelly Clachan are killed in a domestic dispute
  • 1996 – Elle gives birth to Cassie
  • 1997 – Eric marries Elle
  • 1999 – Eric Clachan becomes a mass murderer
  • 1999 – Elle gives birth to Ace’s Nephew (whose name I have once again lost)
  • 2000 – Aislinn changes her last name from Clachan to Cain to avoid the stigma she perceives around it
  • 2001 – SCTU & VCU are formed
  • 2002 – LA Serial Killer Massacre
  • 2004 – Uprising at the Pit leads to the death of the Warden & Rebuild
  • 2004 – Malachi Blake joins the VCU
  • 2005 – Caleb Green joins the VCU
  • 2006 – Malachi Blake becomes the head of the VCU
  • 2008 – Lucas & Xavier join the SCTU
  • 2010 – Tortured Dreams
  • 2013 – Fortified Dreams

Now, to clarify some errors in Tortured Dreams: The first editor to go through this did a lot of changing that I didn’t notice until much, much later (track changes was not used on them and I have trouble reading what I is actually on the page if I wrote it because my mind reads what it thinks is going to be there).  Errors that I now can’t fix because the audiobook exists.

  • Eric & Alex are the same person – I have no idea why the editor changed the name to Alex.
  • Isabella was not younger than Eric, she was always older.  It says she was 31 when she was killed.  She was actually 30.  She wasn’t married, but she did have three children with a life partner.
  • Eric was not 33 at the time of Isabella’s death, he was 27.  He was not married at the time and he didn’t have four children.  Elle was pregnant with their first (Cassie) when Isabella and Donnelly were murdered.
  • Eric did live at home when Aislinn was kidnapped by Callow because he was attending the University of Missouri, but he was not 15, he was almost 23.
  • Isabella did not live at home when Ace was kidnapped, she came home during the search for her.
  • Aislinn doesn’t have many memories of Isabella because Isabella moved out before she was born.  However, because Eric lived at home during college, Aislinn did have a good relationship with her brother, despite the age difference.
  • Aislinn is a menopause baby.

Hope that clarifies some of the wishy-washy crap that developed because of the errors in Tortured Dreams.

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  1. Thanks for the timeline – I didn’t notice most of these errors – lol…. I’m guessing because I didn’t think they were that important when I did my read through of Tortured Dreams – I may need to do a re-read….lol

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  2. Kimberly Sarah

     /  March 26, 2017

    When I was making my own notes on the Clachan’s to keep names, relations, and ages straight-especially during Cannibal Dreams- I wrote down that Aislinn’s nephew is Kyle.

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  3. Amanda

     /  March 26, 2017

    Love the series. But thank you for clarifications because I have reread start to finish several times and got confused on some of these details! And telling my slight OCD to let it go is hard ;).

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  4. My order of Triggered Reality arrived this morning. To borrow a lyric “tonight’s gonna be a good, good night” ! 🙂


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