This Is Political…

I haven’t said much about the election or our new president.  I’m going all in today.  I don’t consider myself a Democrat or Republican, but I do have liberal leanings.  You’ve been warned…

Donald Trump is his own 3-ring circus.

Between the ranting and raving on Twitter and his unfounded accusations, it is a miracle he gets anything done.  Also, he is a master at spinning his own shit.  For example, he often criticized President Obama for the amount of golf Obama played while in office.  He has visited just as many golf courses since he came into office as Obama did, but he won’t let the press in to see if he is playing golf or not.  It seems like such a little thing, but the hypocrisy is overwhelming.  Now, to the real stuff.

As a historian, I can tell you that alternative facts is a real thing.  I can also tell you it is used predominately by fascist regimes trying to prove they are humanitarian in nature.  The Soviet Union was a master of alternative facts.   Alternative facts are rarely outright lies, they are a spin on the truth.  They were used to paint a fairly cruel picture of Nero, who did not fiddle while Rome burned.  And Christians during the Roman Era, who did not start the fire that burned down Rome while Nero supposedly fiddled on his balcony. The fire that burned Rome was most likely started by an animal and dirty living conditions.  It may have belonged to a Christian household and now history remembers the great fire of Rome as being started by Christians.  Nero did try to take action to put it out, but it was like fighting a house fire with a sieve.  Eventually, he did stand on his balcony and watch Rome burn, but not while he fiddled, and there was despair in him, even if he was batshit crazy.  He was still not as insane as Alexander the Great or Caligula, so I think we ought to cut the man some slack.  I really wanted to use Alexander the Great as my example of how well alternative facts change how we view people.  After all, he’s enjoyed over 1,000 years of favorable placement in history books because he was damn good at using alternative facts to earn fame.  However, the 20th century makes that impossible because it brought four of the greatest alternative fact users ever to the world; Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, J. Edgar Hoover, and Joseph McCarthy.  What most people don’t know is that Hitler managed to convince Germany that the reason they were poor was because the world hated Germans.  The fact that the Weimar Republic established after WWI printed money that was worthless and they were sanctioned heavily is why Germany was broke.  But Hitler didn’t spin it that way.  He used lots of patriotic rhetoric and make Germany great again speeches to win the chancellorship.  And he actually did.  The fact that he did this by building a war machine to rival the US and Soviet Union and then decided to start invading other countries was just sort of a means to an end.  Surprisingly, Stalin did the same thing.  He was all about make the CCCP great and let’s be compadres and blah, blah, blah.  We know what Hitler did after all this, but rarely do we talk about what Stalin did after it.  Stalin did his song and dance and energized the Soviets to be hardworking members of their utopian society, while he was having everyone who disagreed with him murdered or sent to the gulags (which is pretty much the same thing).  Oddly, Stalin had just as many Soviets killed as Hitler had Jews killed.  Of course, it was done with alternative facts… They were traitors to the Soviet way of life or they were undermining the utopian Soviet society.  They really weren’t, they just thought Stalin needed a very long vacation in a mental institution.  And most western countries didn’t care, because hey, he was wiping out communism by killing everyone, so it worked.

I’m also tired of the isolationist fear mongering that seems to going on in this country and the US government is really championing it.  Terrorism is a real problem.  However, the world has been dealing with terrorists for as long as there has been civilizations to terrorize.  The countries that fall are the ones that lock their borders and seal their people in a bubble.  Again, look at the Soviet Union.  It had a good run at 70+ years, but the truth is, their isolationist policies and internal fear mongering was a big reason for its demise.  Same with the DDR (East Germany), the Nazis, the fascist governments of Spain and Italy, and I could go on, but I’m trying to keep this short.  The point of it is, terrorism is nothing new and it will never go away, it will just change faces.  We can point to Isis and say “oh my God, we have to stop them!” but they aren’t any different than any other terror organization and we are fueling the fire, not stamping it out when we isolate ourselves from it.  Every policy we enact that targets Muslims, alienates Muslims, which makes them fear us, which sends them into an identity crisis, which creates more extremists… yep, that cycle is in full swing.  Here, we could actually learn something from Russia.  The harder they are on Chechnya, the more Chechen terrorists they create, the more Chechen terror attacks they have, so they come down even harder on Chechnya and the cycle starts all over again.

Then there’s this giant push for States’ Rights going on in our House and Senate.  We’ve done this dog and pony show before.  It resulted in the Civil War.  Quick history lesson, ending slavery was a side effect of the Civil War, not a point of it.  The South seceded because they wanted the states to have more say than the federal government and the federal government said no.  It sounds all amazing for the states to essentially govern themselves until it causes problems at the federal level and then feelings get hurt, there’s yelling and shouting, and eventually someone signs a document that starts a war.  Hawaii is the best example right now.  They’ve pretty much told the federal government to shove most of the new bills they are attempting to pass; particularly the travel ban and the reformed health care bill (Obama modeled the Affordable Care Act on Hawaii’s current health care system).  And the federal government is pretty unhappy with Hawaii for refusing to cooperate, yet they are trying to push through all these new bills that give states more power.  You can’t grant states more power and then get prickly when they use it.  Under the new bills, Hawaii has every right to tell the feds where to shove it.  It’s like two parents disagreeing on how to raise their kids so each parent does their own thing and the kid is the one that gets in trouble for it because one parent said it was okay and the other said absolutely not in my house.  This creates a logical fallacy that no one seems to understand they are creating and citizens will definitely end up being punished for this one.

While we are on the subject of war, everyone was calling Clinton a war monger.  She might be.  From what I can tell, Trump probably is too.  He’s tripled our military budget.  Tripled.  Let that sink in for a moment.  In the history of the US, that sort of spending has only happened immediately before or during a war.  Since, we aren’t actually at war with anyone, why the major uptick in spending?  It can’t be to create the latest and greatest toys.  We’ve got them.  We aren’t in an economic depression, like we were in the 1930s, so that kind of military spending isn’t going to flip our economy around (by the way, world war is in fact good for our economy, which is insane, but sadly true – FDR’s military spending and social welfare programs are what got us out of the Great Depression – he had the foresight to build a war machine for fighting the Axis powers nearly a decade before we entered war).  So is Trump anticipating a war?  If so, with who?  It isn’t for fighting terrorism, you can’t fight terrorism with war.  It’s not for protecting our borders, we don’t use the machine of war for that, too many civilian casualties.

Then we have another elephant to address… Trump only became a Republican when Obama became president.  Until Obama, Trump’s largest campaign donations were to Democrats.  He voted for Democrats.  He was liberal in his thinking and was pro-globalization.   Here’s a very interesting snippet of history for you; when the Clintons’ were in the White House and Hilary was pushing for nationalized health care, Trump was her biggest supporter.  He was in favor of getting rid of health insurance companies, essentially using a socialist system for healthcare and he often used Germany’s social welfare programs as examples of how to make it work.  Until Obama, President Trump was a liberal socialist democrat in his political policy ideas. If people know why Trump hated Obama, literally hated the man enough to change his political views, it isn’t being talked about.  But maybe it should be.

However, he has done one thing right.  The government granted a large budget to NASA to continue space exploration.  I’m going to give him kudos for that.  It isn’t nearly enough to make up for all the other whackadoodle things going on, but it’s a win for those of us who think space exploration is a big deal.

Tomorrow we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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    This is brilliant.

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  2. sparky5805

     /  March 22, 2017

    Thank you! As a southern girl, who majored in history, I constantly fight the battle over what the civil war was actually about. But that’s only one reason I thank you. Thank you for stepping into the ring and trying to educate people. History will continually repeat itself if there aren’t changes made. Unfortunately, the changes that are taking place today only set us up to repeat the mistakes of the past. A friend of mine writes a blog called Don’t Get Me Started, this post she recently wrote has gone crazy, you might find it interesting.

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