Self-Defense: Cain Style

I recently got a question from someone who asked why I always had so much detail in Aislinn Cain’s fights.  Surprisingly, it is not because I want everyone to think that Ace is a badass… It’s because Aislinn Cain uses moves I learned when I took a class in self defense.

Aislinn is petite; 5 feet 3 inches tall and 125 pounds.  Not all of it is muscle because she refuses to dedicate her life to working out.  Mostly, Aislinn stretches to keep the scars from becoming too stiff to move; she does physical therapy type stretching and yoga.  There’s a little bit of cardio to counteract her smoker’s lungs, but even that isn’t something she is dedicated to doing.

This means that Aislinn is essentially just like everyone else. So she has a tendency to gouge eyes, break noses, grab ears, go for the knees, and use her feet, knees, and elbows when she fights.

One of the first things my instructor told us was not to punch, never punch.  It sounds like a great ideal and it really sucks when put into action.  Hands are fragile.  The small bones that make up the knuckles and fingers break fairly easily and punching someone in the face or side is probably going to hurt you more than them.  Unless you are wearing some awesomely large stoned jewelry, punching just doesn’t work.

Even the key trick all women are taught is essentially pointless unless you go for the eye.  The key hits the bones in the face and is forced into the palm of your hand, meaning you end up doing more damage to you than to them.

Kicking at knees though is a wonderful trick.  If you can get them from the front directly on top or right above the knee cap and kick downwards, it cracks and sometimes shatters, the patella.  Have you ever tried chasing someone when your knee cap is broken?  Ouch!  A good kick at the side of their knees is an excellent way to dislocate one.  Best part, it doesn’t take much force and can be done from a standing, seated, or lying down position.  Also, your foot bones are much stronger than your hand bones, so you might break a toe, but you aren’t going to break all the bones in your foot by kicking your attacker.

Headbutts to the nose or eyebrow are incredibly effective for injuring someone.  Also, since you are taking the offensive when doing it, it hurts you less than it hurts them, as long as you don’t miss and hit their cheeks, forehead, or teeth.  Thumbs in eyes are always a good thing.  A person has a natural tendency to protect their eyes.  If you start digging your thumb in it, they become more concerned with their eye than making sure they have hold of both your hands.

Also, as strange as it sounds, go for the ears.  Most of us don’t think about ears, especially not during a fight, but they are sensitive pieces of flesh and cartilage, in other words, no bones.  Grabbing them and pulling works just as well as anything else you might try.  If you have fingernails, dig those puppies into the soft tissue of the ear.  You can also yank on them.

Finally, your knees and your elbows are among the hardest bones in your body… use them.  Throwing your elbows into the face or torso of an attacker is much more effective than punching them and causes less pain to you.  As an added bonus, your elbows are indeed pointy, meaning it concentrates the force onto a smaller area, creating more impact.  Don’t be afraid to fight dirty.  A good knee to the groin is about more than just hitting them with your knee.  Leave it there even after your upwards thrust has dissipated and continue to grind away at their naughty bits.  The flesh and pelvic bone that creates a lady’s naughty bits is every bit as sensitive as the dangly bits on a male, making it equally effective on both sexes.



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  1. Really good info to have for self defense! Especially the part about the key trick – they never ever said that and it is something I want to know.

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