Gonna Leave A Mark

Jude the Great Nephew has been sick a lot recently.  Today, he was feverish, so we told his mom to bring him on over, we’d watch him.

At 10 am or there about, I picked him up to change his clothes.  He was in a onesie and it was obvious that he was sweating in it.  I got the onesie off, then he flopped forward and headbutted me right in the mouth.

Now, I have been on clonazepam (Klonopin) for most of the last two decades.  One of the side effects of clonazepam is chronic dry mouth.  I also have Sjogren’s Syndrome, which just means my immune system thinks my mucus membranes are evil and attacks them, especially my mouth, causing chronic dry mouth.  Dry mouth may not seem like a big deal, but it leads to decay and worse, decalcification of a person’s teeth.  When your teeth decalcify, they get holes, become spongy, crack and chip easily, etc.

Mine are a train wreck.  I was told at 17 I should have them all taken out.  I had no enamel on them and some had grown in with holes, plus I already knew I had Sjogren’s which would cause decalcification.  But I was 17 and removing my teeth was not a realistic option for me… Worst decision of my life.

The headbutt broke my front left tooth.  Yet, it just broke the tooth part.  The pulp remains intact, so the bottom of my tooth is technically not attached to the top part.

I haven’t a clue what the pulp of a tooth is made out of, I just know it flipping hurts.  I actually spent several hours crying on the phone with local dentist offices trying to get an emergency appointment.  The problem is, there are like three dentists in town that realize my teeth are not worth saving, everyone else was trying to sell me on the idea of fixing it with a root canal and a crown instead of just pulling it.

It’s very hard to explain to someone who has never met you that you really do just need the tooth pulled – not evaluated, not fixed, just yanked out.  Needless to say, I could not get an appointment today.  Or Monday.  Or even Tuesday.  I have to wait until Wednesday to get in and see a dentist who doesn’t care about trying to save it.

It hurts enough that I literally laid in my bed with a hot pack on my face and cried for hours.  I finally found someone to help me with the pain, but not the tooth.  Their recommendation was that I try to eat some bread tomorrow and hope that the pulp breaks.  Yes, this will hurt, but it will hurt less after a day or so than keeping the pulp intact until the tooth can be extracted.

Only one dentist could work me in today, but he was just going to clean the tooth good and evaluate it.  The receptionist flat out told me that it wouldn’t be extracted and that most likely, he’d cap it first.  My teeth aren’t strong enough to hold a cap or a filling for that matter.  So I told her not to pencil me in… No need to pay a dentist for something I know is pointless.  I get that they are just trying to help, but I have been dealing with these things all my life.  I know a whole lot about my teeth.

My bachelorette party was scheduled for this weekend.  We were going to St. Louis for special food and a surprise.  Needless to say, I had to cancel that.


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  1. I’m so sorry about you having to cancel your party – what special food in St. Louis?

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    • King & I for dinner tonight, Chevy’s for lunch tomorrow, plus a trip to the SLAM and a surprise that I never found out about

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      • Bummer…The Slam is a great place to visit and I love Chevys…have actually never eaten at King & I – but I’ve heard great things about it. Hopefully you will be able to do all of this later:)

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      • King & I had great Thai and fusion food… like they have Pad Thai Fajitas that are amazing!

        And Chevy’s is one of my favorite places for Tex-Mex, but we no longer have one in Columbia.


  2. Michelle Grenfell

     /  February 12, 2017

    It’s the worst when any medical facility acts like they know better than you what you need. I have seen this in every aspect of healthcare in my 13 years of working in the field.

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