Beauty Is All About What You Wear

*Everyone, this is mostly about bras and things… Read at your own risk.

Wedding shopping and becoming a VIP Member on has taught me two things:

  1.  There’s a whole untapped market that needs to be tapped.
  2. Women will torture the shit out of themselves to not look frumpy.

Somewhere along the way, women became divided into two categories; regular and plus.  This is not fine.  The reason is because plus sizes get things regular sizes don’t and vice versa.  For instance, corsets are designed with plus sizes in mind.  Push up bras are designed only for regular sizes.

I have a friend that’s a size 2 who recently bought a corset, because while she is a size 2, she’s packing a bit upstairs.  She’s something ridiculous like a 32D (and cup sizes change as you go up in band sizes, which is just nuts).  It’s leading to back problems and her doctor recommended she change to wearing corsets over bras.  Not a big deal.  Except… she feels and looks silly in them, even with a shirt over it.  I’ve helped her with designs and styles to see if we can get one that looks more normalish and it just doesn’t work.  However, you stick me in a corset and I can pull it off just fine.

On the flip side, I have another friend who is a plus size band, but only a C cup.  Which means her boobs are still larger than my friend with the 32D, but they aren’t filling out a bra very well.  What she needs is a push up bra.  Not a balconette, not a plunge, but an actual push up bra for when she wears lower cut tops.  But they don’t make push up bras in that size, because in theory, that’s what a balconette is supposed to do.  And it does, if you are a 38E, like I am.  But at a C, it just doesn’t happen.  However, push up bras are only designed for regular sizes.

This means that we need to figure out how to make corsets for skinnier ladies and push up bras for heavier ladies.  Why has this not been done yet?!  As much money as women spend on their lingerie, you’d think someone, somewhere would have tapped into these markets.

We also need to standardize cup sizes a little better.  My friend who is a 32D has smaller breasts than my friend who is a 40C.  But if you aren’t a woman, you’d never figure out that a 40C is significantly larger in cups than the one with the 32D.  Then there are people like me; 38E is not a normal size.  It goes DDD to F and E gets left out in the cold.  However, I am not the only woman out there measuring into an E.  I have spent the last 2 decades buying ill fitting bras, either a 38F which is a little large in the cups, but the band fits perfectly or 40DDD, which fit in the cups, but the band always had to be locked on the last three hooks and sometimes, they rubbed because they were still loose.

This is where comes in.  It was recommended to me by someone who is larger in the chest than I am.  She told me that when she purchased their bras, she actually went down a cup size.  Now that I gotta see for myself, because if I could get into a 38DDD and not have boobage hanging out the top, that would be awesome, because the band would actually fit.  I ordered one and she was right!  On, I am can buy and wear a 38DDD and not have spillage.  For the first time ever in my life, I do not mind bra shopping.  I’m a fan, although I can’t figure out their corsets, which is strange, because I love corsets and I look good in them, but I’ve ordered 2 now and couldn’t get either to go around my upper part.

Which leads me to my second point; costs.  Holy Hell!  The cost of ladies’ anythings are outrageous.  I wear Avon makeup (no, I won’t change, it’s the only one that doesn’t break out my skin), use Sexy Hair styling products (and medicated Eczema shampoo), Jamberry nail supplies, plus the cost of clothes – I have undergarments that cost more than men’s dress shirts – and all my undergarments are marked as hand wash only.  That’s why women are always broke…  It’s isn’t the quantity of clothing we buy, it’s that our clothing seems to be amazingly more expensive.  My SO pays $40 for jeans, because he likes a specific brand that’s $40.  However, that’s the cost of just my bra (or bra and underwear if I got them as a set).  Another $20 for jeans, $20 for a shirt and we both need socks, but again mine are more expensive, and I suddenly realize why I hate clothes shopping.

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  1. This is so true! Every single thing – I’ve never tried a corset but I probably should – I’ll have to check out Adoreme but at heart I’m cheap so this will no doubt bug me

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