One of Those Types… Actually, Two of Those Types…

So, Lola the Destroyer and Nani the Goldendoodle exchanged Christmas presents this year.  Lola gave Nani a treat puzzle toy.  Nani gave Lola a giant jerky stick.

Yep, we’re those types of people.  For the first time, I understand it.  I have no children.  We spoil the nephews and nieces and great nephew.  So, we might as well spoil the dog too.

Aside from that, Christmas was extra awesome.  One of my favorite things about the holidays is spending time with my family.  After the present opening and the gigantic brunch; my SO, Nephew M, his Girlfriend L, and I sat around playing games.

We got a few new ones this year; Exploding Kittens and Disturbed Friends.  L already owns Cards Against Humanity, but my SO got it as a present this year with different expansion packs.

Exploding Kittens was complicated at first, but once you got started and into the game play it was much easier.  Disturbed Friends is the multiple choice version of Cards Against Humanity and hilarious as a result.  Definitely not safe for children.

They left about the time football started, so we went to see the SO’s parents and spend some time with them.  We did Christmas with them the weekend before because families are just getting so large and so complicated anymore.

I got two new gadgets that are sort of related to writing; a FitBit which isn’t really writing related, except that I’m not used to typing with something around my wrist and it’s taking some getting used to and a trackball mouse.  A trackball mouse is a stationary mouse with the ball on top that you roll with your fingers or thumb and then click the buttons like normal.  I love these.  I had one for many years and was sad when it died.  For a couple of years, they were nowhere to be found on the open market and I was really excited that they had come back into fashion and Amazon carried several types. Now, I’m getting used to it as well.

The FitBit is nice because I can track my movement through the day.  Considering I had a lower leg/back problem that caused me to become rather sedentary, even for me, it’s a good tool to use to get back on my feet.  As a bonus, the weather has cooperated the last few days and I’ve managed to take Lola the Destroyer to the park to walk.  Monday I managed to walk fast enough that it recorded I was jogging (I do not jog, run, sprint, or any other form of leg movement that might require a great deal of energy to be expended… mostly because I hate to run, jog, sprint, etc.  I leave the running to my friends who love to run and I actually have several).

I also got four new pairs of pajama pants.  This makes me disproportionately happy.  Most people like pajamas and having them given to them just saves them money from having to buy them.  I actually love them and not buying them saves me a ton of money.

I have worked every day since Christmas.  Triggered Dreams will go to the editor by the end of the night on the 2nd of January.  I’m sure she’ll be happy about it.  Just like I’m sure everyone else will be happy about it.  I’m sorta impressed with how well one story came out.

And hopefully 2017 will be better than 2016… I’m like everyone else, every time I see an actor’s or actress’s name I love in the news, my heart instantly skips a beat and I have to read the story to make sure they aren’t dead.  I know famous people die every year, but 2016 seems to have been exceptionally cruel about it.


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  1. Nina Julius

     /  December 28, 2016

    As u know I love all your books they have seen me through all my chemotherapy so engrossed in reading treatment flew by looking forward to new books thank u for all three hard work & your amazing writing skills I would just like to say to u & yours have a great new & I know your wedding will be amazing xx

    Liked by 1 person


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