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I have a present under my tree where the dollar value and the size makes it impossible for me to guess what it is.  I was given a clue the entire house will love it, that just made it more mysterious.

With my suggestion, my mom bought my SO the game Cards Against Humanity, because we love to play it.  She wrapped it with an expansion pack or two and put it under the tree.  About a week and a half later, my SO put a package to me under the tree that is the exact same size and weight as Cards Against Humanity the base game.  Pretty sure we now have a “home” set and a “travel” set.

I’m allergic to metal.  My SO is a mechanic.  So neither of us wanted to spend a ton of money on wedding rings.  However, I did want them.  I found a shop on Etsy called Sparrow Wood Design and had them make us custom wooden wedding bands.  I chose cocobolo wood with a marbled purple inlay.  Then it dawned on me, if a guy was really cheap, hooking up with a lady that was allergic to metal would save them a ton of money because I never ask for jewelry, I paid $80 for both our wedding bands, there was no need to get an engagement ring – I wouldn’t have been able to wear it… And before you start offering suggestions: I am allergic to all magnetic metals, I’m even allergic to hematite, which is technically a stone that can be magnetized.  There is no way to get silver or gold pure enough for it not to break me out.  Platinum must be mixed with other metals for strength, so it’s out.

My metal allergy is mostly an annoyance.  I’d like to wear jewelry, but I have this thing that I require clasps, so necklaces are out, even if beaded (plus, who doesn’t like a few metal accent beads?).  I can’t keep change in my pockets.  If I sit for a long time in jeans, the button will break me out in a rash.  The biggest problem: 2 years ago, I broke two of my front teeth.  I was hoping to replace them with dental implants, since the teeth themselves aren’t worth saving and there is no way to cap or crown them.  Then I found out I was allergic to tungsten as well as surgical steel (this also rules out a bridge), so my teeth remain broken because I don’t want the gaps.  Now, I hate to smile and the only way to replace the broken teeth is to get a full set of dentures.  Meaning dentures might be one of my 2017 goals.

I have four degrees and some student loan debt.  There are times when I wish I could get a refund.  I enjoyed college, but I could have learned a great deal of what I learned on my own.  And the holder of my student loans wouldn’t be sucking my will to live.

By tonight, the Christmas tree will be down and packed away.  I’m actually looking forward to that.

One of my New Year’s Resolution is to fail to keep all my New Year’s Resolutions.  I can’t decide if this makes it a self-fulling prophecy for failure or a reverse psychology tactic.

For some reason, I love the game Dragon Friends: Secret of the Green Witch.  I think it’s because I like dragon, but I’m not sure.

I failed to buy any of the nieces and nephews a gag gift this year.  I’m so disappointed in myself.  This has become a bit of a tradition and this year, I forgot until today (Friday), when it was too late.

My SO and I spent the first 5 years we knew each other, thinking very little of each other.  We spent the five years after that with a somewhat improved relationship; meaning we no longer fantasized about blowing each other up.  The following five years were spent wondering what we were doing.  Now we’ve been in a relationship for 8 years.  Life is weird.

One of my nephews and his friend, once found a robin’s egg.  A cat had gotten into the nest.  It was the only egg undamaged.  They asked if they could try to hatch it, I said sure, knowing that it wouldn’t happen.  Three days later, the friend, who had gone home and somehow incubated the egg, rushed to our house (he was our neighbor), with a newborn bird in his hands.  I called my vet, who told me I could contact a woman in another town, because she was the only one in the area that did bird rescue and rehab.  I called.  She told me I could bring it, but it would probably die in transit and then gave me a list of everything I needed to take care of this bird.  To my amazement; my nephew, his friend, and myself, managed to raise this bird until it was ready to fly away.  After that, my vet began calling me to do other wildlife rescues.  I always made an excuse why I couldn’t do it, but the truth was, raising that bird was traumatic.  I kept expecting it to die because I didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was doing and the bird lady kept telling me to expect it to die.

My primary source of income is, of course, book sales.  My second largest source seems to be fantasy football.  It seems like an odd secondary source of income.

Sometimes I think I should get a part time job just to pay off my student loans and car faster.


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  1. Joan

     /  December 25, 2016

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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