More Things You Didn’t Need To Know

Some more trivia, winners will be announced Monday from the reviews giveaway:

  • There is a test you can take to try to prove you are psychic.
  • Jellyfish do not have hearts or brains, scientists aren’t entirely sure how they function.
  • Starchy foods, like potatoes, are harder on the enamel of your teeth than sugary foods.  Sugar based foods break down faster in saliva than starch, which makes it so that starch sticks to your teeth longer.
  • The Lions of Tsavo, featured in the movie Ghost in the Darkness, were real and are on display at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.  They are unmaned male lions, but if they were human, they would be among the most prolific serial killing team in history.
  • The December 26, 2004 earthquake that caused a massive tsunami in the Indian Ocean is said to have, temporarily, uncovered the ruins of several massive port cities in India and along the sunken coasts of all islands it affected.
  • If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground, it can’t hop because it uses it for balance as well as speed when it hops… Don’t try doing it though, because a kick from a kangaroo can be lethal.
  • The iron maiden was never an actual torture device.  It seems to have been built as art. Very few authentic iron maidens have been found, all of them in Germany, and none of them show any signs of usage (as of 2006).
  • Powerful earthquakes can shave milliseconds off of the year by disrupting the Earth’s orbit on it’s axis.  If it is powerful enough, like the one in Japan a few years ago, they can shift the Earth enough for it to be permanent.
  • The damage done to Russia by WWII and Stalin led to a severe population decline.  Best estimates are that there were 20 million babies not born between the 1920s and 1950s that should have been not to mention all the people that were killed during the war and the Great Purges.  It was so bad that the population actually dropped dramatically after WWII.  It is only now recovering; in 1897, there were 125 million people, in 2014 there were 142 million people, it is the slowest population growth for any country in the world.
  • Crows and macaque monkeys are among the animals known to use human-built things to enrich their environment.  In several large cities, crows have learned they can drop hard shelled nuts into crosswalks and go get them when the pedestrian walk light is on without fear of being hit by a car.  Macaques have been caught robbing vending machines for food.
  • More people are killed by dogs than by sharks every year.
  • Ted Bundy got a commendation from the city of Seattle for chasing down a purse thief.  He also once saved a child from drowning.
  • While they have not been labeled as such, many historical leaders could be considered serial killers with Caligula leading the pack.
  • It was once legal to sell your children.  If you had too many to care for, selling them to wealthier families without children was a good way to make a few dollars.
  • Approximately 1 in 4 children in the US, never learn to read above a 3rd grade level.
  • The smell experienced by most people after it has rained is due to a decrease in air pollution and an increase in bacteria.
  • Almost every person alive has practiced some form of auto-cannibalism (the eating of one’s self) in the form of nail biting, lip chewing, cheek chewing, hair chewing – this applies to guys and their mustaches just as much as ladies who chew on the strands of their hair, or some other nervous tick that a person might not be aware of.
  • It is rare for spiders, mice, or insects to crawl into a person’s mouth while they sleep.  If it were as common as the internet claims, people with allergies to spiders, mice, or insects would die at an alarming rate (I would be among them since I am allergic to a protein that creates exoskeletons among shellfish, crickets, roaches, scorpions, spiders, and a slew of other insects).
  • It is far more common for insects to crawl into a person’s ear canal while they sleep than any other orifice of the human body.
  • Some people have issues with minty herbs because they taste soap.  This is due genetics.  Some people are sensitive to aldehyde chemicals which are present in minty herbs as well as soaps.  However, cilantro is the one picked on the most, because it has the highest amount of aldehyde in it.
  • We say “five senses,” but humans have hundreds of senses.  A few that we never think about are thermoception (is it hot or cold), vestibular sense which is what provides us with balance, and the most common unthought about sense: hunger.
  • Finally, there are really people with something called hyperosmia and it means their olfactory system is very sensitive (Aislinn Cain has it).  People with hyperosmia have been known to be able to smell things their friends don’t really want them to; including if they’ve had sex which changes the way both men and women chemically smell and not just the smell of another person on them.  The perfume industry seeks out people with hyperosmia because they can detect notes that most people can’t.  It can also be the reason for scent-triggered migraines (I also have hyperosmia – despite being a daily smoker, I can smell cigarette smoke even on myself and some things my friends would really prefer I not).

Have a good Friday!

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