The Point Of Modern Medicine

The point of modern medicine is to make us feel better.  Since Midnight last night, I have been dealing with a migraine that’s easily a 10 on the pain scale.  I took 200mgs of sumatriptan, I took 4 – butalbital/acetaminophin 50/325 tablets, I took some meclizine for the vertigo and I got zero relief.

So, I went to Providence Urgent Care.  It’s an outpatient clinic in my home town.  My hope was that they would give me a Toradol shot and some nausea medicine and I could come home and get rid of my migraine.

Nope.  Despite my instance that I had a “normal for me” migraine and that I had had a CT scan and MRI in the last six months, they refused to treat me.  They required me to go to the an ER for a CT scan.

I went.  The waiting room was fucking packed.  The noise, the smell, the lights, all of it was enough to make me start crying.  I asked the nurse how long it would be and if I could wait somewhere quiet.  They have a quiet room.

No such luck.  Even though Providence Urgent Care had called ahead and the ER was aware of my situation, they just couldn’t handle the patient load.  The quiet room was incredibly full and it was going to be at least 8 hours before they could get to me.  Now, I could probably get my CT scan done within 4 hours.

My options:  Wait there in those torturous fucking conditions because anyone who has ever had a migraine knows that room full of people talking, phones ringing, two TVs going, and just the hustle and bustle is enough to make you want to slit your wrists or chop off your own damn head OR I could go home.

So, I’m home with a migraine that hurts so bad I continue to cry off and on.  I can’t sleep because of it.  And the fifteen minutes I did spend in that waiting room of the ER was enough to make me want to kill people – because I have frontal lobe migraines and for some reason that brings out the Jack the Ripper in me.

I can’t even get a second opinion without it charging me an arm and a leg because my insurance won’t pay for me to go to any other urgent care center except Providence Urgent Care.  I’ve been to the others for a migraine and it’s roughly a $600 bill.

The point of modern medicine is to make us feel better.  But I’m like every other migraine sufferer on the planet; not all my migraine symptoms fit neatly into a list – particularly, I always have vision issues and vertigo with a migraine… ALWAYS – But that’s why I was refused treatment and had someone demand a CT Scan.  Because while it’s normal for me, it isn’t on the standard list.

However, I would point out that this is the first time someone has refused to treat me with those symptoms.  The very first time.  I get asked “is that normal for you?” and once I reply with “yep, that’s normal for me.” we proceed with treatment.  And of course, my neurologist is on vacation this week…

Thanks Providence Urgent Care for making a migraine sufferer’s day that much worse.  I feel completely and utterly dejected because I can’t handle sitting in a crowded waiting room for 8 hours and now I can’t get treatment unless I do despite the fact that this is a normal for me migraine.  Well done, your level of attention to detail in my case (by the way I was treated by Providence Urgent Care in April for a migraine with these EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS) is just mind-boggling.

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  1. teresa vogt emt/lpn ret.

     /  December 1, 2016

    This is the best advice I can give. Call your Dr. have him write a order as if he was there, have him list what is normal for you, that as long as those are the symptoms you are presenting they need to follow his orders.. have that placed in your file both at the hospital and the Urgent care. Tell the Hospital in the future that you will be in your car if they can not provide a place for you. That your place is assured and they will come and get you if they insist on the tests that are un-needed advise your insurance co that they are ordering un-needed tests and that you will not pay for tests like this so they need to assist you by refusing payment on wasted testing. Have your soon to be mate have your legal medical advocacy, so he can stand and argue letting you stay in a car example, carry ear plugs {can also be used as nose plugs} and a sleep mask for when you have to go thru the areas. FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE do not allow them to direct what your care will be in the future have the orders in hand and they must follow them. I had to pull this ONCE on a hospital visit for my mother in law, and failing to follow the orders was a simple letter to the licensing board for a investigation of malpractice, stated in the letter from the DR.. and never had another issue in her care. Be prepared for the next time. this time like many before you must suffer thru, be prepared for battle the next time and the other Dr’s in your Dr’s practice need to be able to follow the stated orders and that will pave the way.. Call the on call head of nursing and make sure she has a copy for future instances on file and call her when you are inbound. Armed is better then begging..

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