Dreams & Reality Top 10 Questions Answered

I get asked a lot of questions about the Dreams & Reality books.  I’ve decided to answer the top 10 to the best of my ability without giving away anything.

10.  Will we ever meet Gabriel’s wendigo?  – Yep, I have something special planned for that book.  Expect it to be more like Fortified Dreams than any of the other books in the series.

9.  Did you intentionally name Fiona’s sister and Aislinn sister the same thing? – Yes again.  Bella lives, Isabella died – there are many parallels between Ace & Fiona, this is just one of them.  As Fiona continues to develop, you’ll notice many more.

8.  Lucas is appearing in fewer and fewer scenes, are you about to kill him off?  – No, I love Lucas and he isn’t about to die.  He is dealing with some very important stuff at home that he is keeping secret from the group and it will come to light eventually.  Remember, Aislinn hates dealing with distractions and Lucas is currently not at the top of his game, so she has taken a step back, not me.

7.  Will we figure out the story behind Turkish Jack? How does Gabriel know him?  Is he the wendigo?  – No, Turkish Jack is not Gabriel’s wendigo.  He is important though and his story will be released to some degree in Flawless Dreams.  However, he will have a starring story in the Reality books, so I’m not going to give too much away on him.

6.  Is Aislinn a sociopath or a psychopath, sometimes I’m not sure? – Aislinn is both, a hybrid created by her childhood.  Genetically speaking, she should be a psychopath.  Unfortunately, her time with Callow did some damage to her already questionable emotional state that made her incapable of empathy or sympathy.  She has trouble with the ideal that “she survived, why don’t others?”    While she doesn’t see if, if not for Callow, she would be a psychopath, probably a serial killer.  Her time with him changed her significantly, but she does not understand that because of her age.

5.  How many books do you plan to write in this series?  – Including the Reality books?  Um, many.  I have no set numbers for either the Dreams or Reality books.  I will write them until I run out of ideas.

4.  Is Apex going to become a main character? – Only temporarily, while he and the SCTU work on a common goal the two will ignore the obvious conflicts of interest to figure out how to slay the dragon they can’t find.

3.  Does Caleb have a crush on Aislinn? – Yes and he knows she doesn’t return the sentiment, although, he does hope to change her mind.

2.  Will Aislinn and Malachi ever be a couple? – Not in this lifetime or any other.  Sorry, they just aren’t compatible.  Malachi believes they are, but he isn’t driven by love to believe them suited.  However, don’t tell Malachi that; he is convinced that he loves her.

1. Will Aislinn ever stop being asexual? – Nope.  Sorry.  There will never be a love interest for Aislinn Cain.  Romantic love is beyond her understanding.  The love she feels for her friends and family already overwhelms her, adding a romance to that would probably lead to a mental breakdown from which she wouldn’t recover.  I will give away a little bit though… If she were to ever fall in love, it would be with someone like Gabriel or Xavier, broken but not in the same way she is.  However, don’t get your hopes up about either of those unions either.  Her personality has some fluidity, but her understanding of love and sex are rock solid.

Feel free to ask anything I didn’t answer!

5 thoughts on “Dreams & Reality Top 10 Questions Answered

  1. Hi Hadena
    Thank you for clearing up some of the questions that have been running through my head whilst reading the books I have enjoyed so much. Glad to hear that there are still more to come, by the way. Whilst I am here, could I please ask one more question? Will you ever write a prequel? The story of Ace and Callow? How she acted before and after Callow? Her relationship with her brother and father before and after and the reactions that prompted her brother to go on his shooting spree before ending up in the fortress?

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