The Dysfunctional Chronicles Top 10 Questions sorta Answered…

I get lots of questions about this series.  Here’s the most frequently asked ones, which the best answers I can give.

10.  The three girls are all related, but how? – Actually, they aren’t.  Nadine is related to Alex on Nadine’s mother’s side.  Nadine is related to Kenzie on Nadine’s father’s side.  Alex and Kenzie are not blood relatives, but they act like they are because they all grew up living in similar insane households.

9.  Does Nadine and Zeke really love each other? – Yes.  Not at first.  But it grew on them both.  Zeke fell faster than Nadine, but Nadine got there by The Dysfunctional Proposal.

8.  Nadine and Zeke kinda have an arranged marriage, why did you choose to do that? – Sometimes arranged marriages are a disaster.  Sometimes they aren’t.  Sometimes unarranged marriages are disasters.  Sometimes they aren’t.  I picked that particular theme because Westerners always believe an arranged marriage is just not going to work.  Plus, it’s still semi-fashionable in Russia for parents to prod and poke their children in what they consider the right direction for a spouse.

7.  How old is Anthony? – Anthony was a man when Nadine was 12.  That was 20 years before the first book.  Another year has passed between Affair and Wedding.  When you really think about it, he has to be over 50.  I haven’t given him an exact age because Anthony is something of a mystery, even to Nadine.  However, anyone reading the D&R books are aware that Anthony is actually a psychopath, it came out in Fortified Dreams.

6.  How can Kenzie have so many failed marriages?  –   Kenzie has married impulsively for love multiple times, only to realize that the love she thought was there wasn’t.  After watching Melina and her own mother struggle with their marriages, she decided early on that if it wasn’t working, it wasn’t worth her time, hence all the divorces.  In contrast, Nadine married for other reasons and found love.  Now, Kenzie has too and the wedding that happened in secret was because she’d done the other several times and been left with nothing to show for it.

5. Will we ever learn about Alex’s mother? – Yep, yep, yep… You’re going to learn a lot about her in The Dysfunctional Wedding, but eventually, she will make an appearance in the series.

4. How big is Nadine’s family? – HUGE.  Nadine’s grandmother won the Mother Heroine award under the USSR rule.  Melina is one of 17 children.  Furthermore, her great grandmother would also have won the Mother Heroine award if she hadn’t rebelled against the Soviets.  Dedka Leon, who will finally be introduced in The Dysfunctional Wedding is one of 21 children that survived to adulthood.  PS: Twins and triplets run in Nadine’s family, which makes Nadine happy she can’t have any and convinced Alex to get sterilized in her mid-30s.

3.  Why don’t the other brothers figure as prominently as Ivan in the series?  – Plain and simple, space.  It’s hard to keep them all straight all the time, not just for me, but for the readers.  They make appearances here and there, but Ivan and Nadine have the closest relationship.  You can expect to learn more about Vlad in the upcoming D&R novels.

2.  Why did you do a crossover between D&R and The Dysfunctional Chronicles?  – D&R and Dysfunctional are set in the same world.  Nadine deals with the protective side of it and organized crime.  Aislinn and the SCTU are the proactive part and specialize in the monsters.  It took me a lot of thinking to decide to cross them over, but in the end, I think it was necessary.  After all, it would be impossible for both groups to exist in Kansas City at the same time and not know each other.  They essentially work for the same side in different ways.

1. What did Melina do exactly to earn a trip to the US?  – Ah, Melina… Melina manipulated a general named Oleg Borisovich Utkin so that she could get very sensitive information.  It’s why Oleg Borisovich hates her soooo much.  She earned a trip out of the USSR because her cover was blown and she had provided a lot of intel to the US on Soviet activities, including an accurate count of nuclear weapons at their disposal and how they occasionally went missing.

I’m open for more… Send ’em to me!

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