Just Don’t…

I spent the weekend out of town, doing dart stuff and charity stuff.  It was a great weekend except for the fact that all 3 of my major pet peeves were foisted upon me… I need a warning label that says “Just Don’t…”

  1. After several years of finding excuses not to get married, I agreed to get married.  I have a dress and I like it very much.  The most popular question when people want to talk to you about getting married is when is it?  The second most popular have you found your dress?  I have indeed found my dress.  So when people asked to see it, I showed them the pictures.  One person began to tell me everything that was wrong with the dress and asked if I was actually putting any effort into getting married.  Look, some people want the big poofy traditional dress and fairy tale wedding.  I’m not one of them.  If I wanted everyone’s input for my wedding, I would take a poll.  However, these are things my SO and I want.  Stop telling me what I’m doing wrong, because I don’t buy that there is a single, correct way to have a wedding… And I’m almost sorry you hate my dress, but I love it and my opinion wins.
  2. I love getting book recommendations.  However, before we get too far into that conversation, I always add the caveat that I do not read much romance.  I just don’t enjoy it.  So, when someone started reading me a list of books I needed to read, all by the same author and all romance novels, I tuned out.  Then they got snippy with me.  I warned them that I don’t read much romance, I certainly don’t want a list of your favorite 50 romance novels of all time that I just have to read.
  3. If you agree to play a game with me, you should know that I can get pissed off really easily.  Not because I’m a bad sport, but because you’re not paying attention and expect recaps and to not be admonished for your constant stream of nonsense interruptions.  For instance, if you are sitting at a table playing cards with eight or nine people and those people have to wait every fucking time it’s your turn because you are checking your phone or getting a beverage or going to the bathroom or having side conversations with other people or just daydreaming… Yep, I’m going to get really really really really annoyed really really really really fast.  Games are meant to be fun social events with the people who agreed to play that game with you.  It is not the time to be texting your friend about the color of outfit you intend to wear at Thanksgiving… Emergencies are one thing, but the rest is just irritating for everyone playing with you.  The people at the table and the game should have your attention.

Other than that, it was an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to do it again!

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  1. Nina

     /  November 14, 2016

    Wow what a crappy time u had this weekend u sound a lot like me your not a Scorpio by any chance not that I take much of that star stuff to heart. I hope I’m not over stepping the mark when I offer my condolences on the election result that leaves Trump as president elect if he makes it to January
    Congratulations on your marriage news make it your day your way.


    • I did not have a crappy weekend, just crappy moments during it. I tend to just ignore people when they are irritating me. 🙂 Which is surprising, since I’m a Leo. I’m a little ambivalent about the election this year. I was not a huge fan of either candidate and I can see good and bad regardless of which one won. My history degree reminds me that the presidency has a tendency to work itself into moderation.



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