Bermuda Triangle, 100% Solution Fallacy, Professional Skeptics, and so much more…

The Bermuda Triangle is getting headlines lately, which I admit is a nice break from the election coverage.  Even my love of history can’t keep me from sighing and pushing next on the story headlines.  Anyway, NASA has found some eerie cloud formations that appear over the area considered to be the Bermuda Triangle.  They are giant wall clouds that come fully loaded with microbursts.

For those that don’t know what a microburst is, it is an incredibly sudden and incredibly strong burst of wind.  I happen to have experienced one and it’s like being in a tornado without the funnel.  Straight line winds actually wrapped branches around trees, just like a tornado would.  It was strong enough to trigger a phobia of wind in me (sorta weird, I know, but what can I say).

My microburst was experienced in an urban setting.  I could definitely see how being over an ocean or a sea it would cause some serious damage.  The gale force winds pushing straight down would easily wreck an airplane or a squadron.  The winds then moving across the surface of the water would not only topple a boat but create massive amounts of tall waves that would take everything to the bottom in record breaking speed.

Given that the wall clouds over the Bermuda Triangle are much larger than the one I had that created a microburst… I can’t even begin to imagine the speed and strength of these straight line winds coming first down to the surface and then running across it.  The best part, microburst do not have to accompany storms.  They can happen anytime wall clouds form.

That means about 80% of all Bermuda Triangle disappearances and strange occurrences can be explained by these strange wall clouds.  Unfortunately, I have recently learned of a new concept called the 100% Solution Fallacy.  It’s a term that means if a solution does not provide 100% of the answers, it is therefore, invalidated on the merit of the 20%.

I would say a large number of diehard paranormal researchers suffer from this problem.  Since it doesn’t account for all 100% of the occurrences that happen in the Bermuda Triangle, including the exact reason why these strange, enormous wall clouds form, it is therefore not a valid solution.

On the flip side, I think there is a second Solution Fallacy problem that needs to be addressed.  It’s practiced mostly by professional skeptics and works like this: since 80% of the occurrences can be explained by the appearance of these wall clouds, the other 20% must be hoaxes or lies.

One of the cases that doesn’t fit the microbursts from wall clouds theory is that of pilot Bruce Gernon who made an amazing journey through some kind of tunnel that got him from his take off to Miami in record time.  He called it an electronic fog.  Whatever it was, a microburst would have wrecked his small engine plane, not sped it up to the point that it took less than half the normal time. Nor would it account for the loss of his instruments.  Finally, I’ve never heard of a wall cloud that had tunnels running laterally through it.  They can run vertically from time to time, but laterally isn’t the way they work.  The vertical tunnel helps create the microburst as it churns the colder upper atmosphere down into the warmer lower atmosphere.  A lateral tunnel through a wall cloud that was creating a microburst, would absorb the power of the microburst as it would hit this middle column of air and dissipate before it could create anything powerful.

One professional skeptic has gone on record as saying Gernon just didn’t know what time he departed and got the times mixed up.  However, both towers keep immaculate logs that specify the trip took less than half an hour.  And one professional paranormal researcher has come out to say that since this experience can’t be explained by the microburst/wall cloud theory, the theory is nonsense.

I’ll leave it to you to decide what you believe.

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