The Hotel Incident


We’ve all heard the story of the hotel guest who complains to the management about an awful smell in his room.  Eventually, they send up housekeeping and discover a dead body under the bed.

It’s one of those urban legends that we all know and we all ignore.  Sadly, most urban legends have some truth to them and this one is no different.  It has actually happened several times, once in Kansas City, Missouri even.  It’s also the reason most hotels now put boards around the bottoms of their beds.  The solid top and sides keeps people from hiding dead bodies in them.

Here are some other freaky urban legends that you might not have known were true:

  • Black Water – There was a movie a few years ago about a body being found in a rooftop storage water tank.  It’s awful to think about and it’s happened in the real world.  The Cecil Hotel in California has a notorious and possibly, nefarious, history.  However, this shocker may take the cake.  For several days patrons at the Cecil complained about the water having a funky smell and not looking right.  The problem got so bad that management sent a maintenance man to check on it.  He discovered the body of a Canadian woman who had been missing for several days.  To make matters worse, her last day was captured on video at the Cecil and shows her acting strange.  Most people think it was murder because she couldn’t have thrown herself into the water tank and closed the lid, the distance between the two was more than seven feet.  So how exactly did she end up in the rooftop water tank is still a mystery.
  • Not Worth It – They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  This might be true, but beware that carpet at the curb, it may contain more than you bargained for.  In this case, it was a dead body.  A couple of university students in New York found the rug and decided to take it back to their apartment.  They didn’t seem to notice how heavy it was.  When they unrolled it, they found a dead body that had been shot multiple times.  The body was only a few hours old and led to the capture of the murderer.
  • Still Not Worth It – It’s not just carpets you should be careful about.  In Arizona, a couple of guys were driving past a house that had tons of old furniture out at the curb.  They decided to pick up a large cabinet and take it home.  Probably was, it was occupied, by a mummy.  The police investigated, but turned up nothing because the furniture had belonged to an old woman who had recently passed away and there was no way to identify the mummy inside.
  • The Halloween Decoration That Wasn’t – This story is tragic.  In late October 2005, a young woman committed suicide near a busy roadway.  Her body hung in the tree most of the day before someone decided it was too realistic looking.  Upon inspecting it, they discovered the body was still somewhat warm and called the police who cut her down.  It was estimated that more than 100 people had driven by before it was discovered that she was not a Halloween decoration.
  • The Cop That Isn’t – Every so often, we are encouraged to post and repost a warning on our social media to women about a psycho going around dressed as a cop and assaulting or killing unsuspecting ladies.  To be honest, the posts are nothing more than chain letters and aren’t substantiated. Instances of cop impersonation are rare and there are usual dead giveaways about a real cop versus a phony one.  However, if you had read it in the 1960s, it should have given you pause and if you were female, raised your concern level.  Ted Bundy actually did use the ruse at least once.  Thankfully, it backfired and his intended victim got away and found a real cop – because Bundy tried to pick her up in his “unmarked car” which was a POS that no self respecting police department would hand out, even to someone undercover.  Unfortunately, they didn’t find Bundy until later, by then his body count had risen.
  • Satan Made Me Do It – So far, there has never been a case where a person committed a crime and got away with it using the defense of Satan (or demons) made me do it.  Of course, people keep trying, the most notable was David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam.  However, in a strange twist, there has been one suicide in which demonic influence is listed as a contributing factor.  In Italy in the 1950s, a young woman began to believe she suffered from possession.  Two exorcists were sent to perform the exorcism after she had a lengthy stay in a psychiatric institution.  The exorcism only lasted two days.  At the end of the second day, the young woman swallowed a crucifix and choked to death.  There was an inquiry to see if the Italian courts wanted to charge any of the overseers (doctors, nurses, and the priests all attended her exorcism) with negligence.  However, after just a few weeks, someone actual wrote down that they believed her death was suicide due to demonic influences.  It is the only case in the Western world (that I have heard of) where demonic influence is listed as part of a death investigation.


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