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I have a viral infection… The same one that everyone seems to have but is manifesting in different ways.  My bestie has had one for 3 weeks now, but it’s only in her chest.  Mine’s in my upper sinuses.  During the day, I can make the sinus headache tolerable with the assistance of antihistamines and acetaminophen.  After the sun goes down, I start wondering about ways to relieve the pressure.  And before we play home remedies 101; I’ve already done it.  I even broke down last night and drank a cup of hot, nasty peppermint tea (I like peppermint, but I hate tea – Tea and Anna Karenina are on the same level of hate… If I go to Hell, the best way to torture me would be to make me drink glass after glass of tea – any kind of tea – and force me to listen to Anna Karenina on audiobook over and over and over again for all eternity).  On rare occasions at night, I can calm the throbbing in my face and behind my eye with a hot pack and a great amount of steam.  So, I’m sleeping better with the sun up than with it down right now.

We took in a houseguest this week.  My SO’s nephew got married last weekend.  He and his lovely wife have a basset hound named Fred.  Normally, Fred and Lola get along swimmingly, not this time.  Fred the Hound is missing his forever family.  Lola the Destroyer can’t figure out why he doesn’t want to play with her.  She also can’t figure out why he wants to sleep with either me or the SO (there is no way to fit 2 dogs and 2 people in our queen size bed and I wouldn’t sleep anyway).  I’m on the foldout in the living room and Lola is pretty determined to not let Fred sleep right next to me for very long.  This has lead to a lot of dog rearranging at night.  Last night, they finally went and jumped in bed with my SO because I didn’t realize Fred the Hound was afraid of the dark and I turned out all the lights in the room. (I would like to point out that most basset hounds aren’t very big… Around 14 inches tall and maybe 75 pounds.  Not Fred.  Fred seems to have been given growth hormones that shrunk his legs and made his paws the size of a Great Danes.  His legs might be six inches long from paw to socket, but he stands taller than 14 inches – it looks weird, especially with those giant ass paws.  And if he weighs 75 pounds, I’ll eat my hat.  Lola the Destroyer is up to 70 pounds and Fred the Hound is a whole lot heavier than her… I’d say he’s around 100.  I did discover that he likes to run.  Lola the Destroyer likes to do “crazy running” which is a variation on agility running drills.  Fred the Hound, despite the fact that he needed a nap every time we did them, learned the commands quickly and joined in.  He seemed to love them.  Of course, he also seemed to require a two hour nap after each ten minute session, but let’s be honest with ourselves, he’s a basset hound, they aren’t known for their desire to be active for long periods of time.)  And he has loved Lola’s dog food, but it gave him extremely potentent gas.

We’re house shopping again.  That’s sort of like beating yourself over the head with a rock.  Do you know it is harder to get a loan if you aren’t married?  We had one strike against us; I’m self employed.  Now, I’m being told that since we are not in a legally binding, stable relationship, it counts against us.  WTF?  I would say my SO and I are more stable than about half the legally bound relationships we know.  We found a place that we like, but just like last year, the financing is proving tricky because of my self-employed status and our relationship status.

If playing Sims 2 to get character ideas and plot lines counts as work, I did work some this week.  Mostly, I moped.  I hate being sick.  I hate not meeting my goals.  And I’ll be honest, I’m a little sore from leash walking both Fred and Lola.  Fred isn’t the puller that Lola is, but once he plants his feet, you practically have to pick him up to get him to move.

But there has been progress and I’ll give you an update on that next week.  We will resume Can You Survive in November.  I’ve got all your scores saved.  Don’t forget to tip your waitress, maids, and the guy that offers to pack in your luggage.  🙂


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  1. Sorry about your viral infection – sounds horrible! I had no idea that Basset Hounds got that big – sounds like Fred and Lola have a lot in common with my doggie nephews – Mickie and Marley – who are small dogs but are punks when it comes to behavior – lol. Good Luck with the house hunting – glad it’s not me….lol

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