Spooked Herself?

So, this yuck gets worse after dark.  I already knew this because my SO’s coughing would get worse after dark.  Except I don’t have a cough, meaning I sorta figured mine wouldn’t.  I was wrong, after the sun sets, my sinus headache gets much worse and I begin to wonder if draining the fluid from my eyeball would make it feel better.  God forbid I sneeze or cough… I’d rather just be stabbed, literally.  It would be less painful and the recovery time seems to be shorter as this crap seems to last a few weeks.

In short, what is wrong with me is the weather.  A mild winter coupled with a crazy summer of near record lows and highs and now coats one day and shorts the next in October.  It has screwed up everyone’s sinuses and caused an outbreak in some sort of viral infection that runs rampant through the head and chest.  I have sinus drainage which has made my throat a little sore and made me hoarse.  One of my ears is draining, which itches like crazy and I’m sure the soreness in it is because I keep scratching it.  Mostly though, it’s the sinus headache for me.  During the day, I can make it tolerable with a single NyQuil liqui-gel (I can’t take anything with phenylephrine, which rules out 99.9999999% of sinus medications).  At night, even both liqui-gels aren’t doing the job.  So I’m up with a sinus headache.

For those who haven’t been following my blog for long, let me explain that Lola the Destroyer got her nickname because she is very good at tearing up toys.  She is a German Shepherd/Rough Collie mix with a great deal of energy, an affinity for children, good herding instincts, and she is very protective.  Early this year, we were having trouble with a guy breaking into cars.  Twice, Lola the Destroyer and I caught him in the act.  Both times she made sure she positioned herself between me and him and then turned on the aggression.

Like most dogs with a highly developed sense of family (pack) and a need to protect, her barking and snarling is a thing of terrifying beauty.  Despite being short for both breeds, she is very stout and has the muscle development of a full grown German Shepherd, despite still being a puppy (technically she is 15 months and will remain in “puppyhood” until she is 18 months).  The vet worries because she has less than 5% body fat and therefore doesn’t have the cushioning on her back hips that she really needs.  This means that even though she is 70 pounds, she has the capabilities of a dog nearly twice her size.  She even pulled a 300 pound bench one day trying to escape from water, which she is deathly afraid of…

So, when she gets spooked, it’s kinda comical.  Tonight, after she finished her business, she was sniffing the air and listening for sounds.  It’s part of her nightly routine.  She has to check things out before going to bed.  While she was doing this, a dog barked and she jerked her head that direction.  A moment later, she literally jumped as if she had been startled and ran up the porch.  I was expecting her to go through the window while I tried to get the door open for her.

For the last forty-five minutes, she has been chewing on a bone, like it didn’t happen.  Except every once in awhile, she’ll prick her ears up, look at the door, then jump in bed with me for a few minutes (I’m on the couch, again, because I can’t handle this sinus headache and my SO’s coughing).

I have no idea what has her spooked.  I’m thinking it might be herself.  This is an uncommon reaction to things that would be considered adversaries.  After all, she was willing to go after a medium sized male that didn’t belong and she pinned a full grown male pitbull to the ground, by his throat, when he ran into the yard and acted aggressively towards me.  And if the Great Nephew is here, she becomes even more protective of her yard, house, and occupants.  So seeing her jump at shadows and sounds is unusual, to say the least.

On a side note, as a sign of her temperament, Jude the Great Nephew is currently sick as well, which means no daycare.  He was running a fever, so Lola the Destroyer kept licking his head.  This usually makes Jude smile and today was no different.  What was different was that the three month old managed to get a handful of her ear and a handful of her whiskers and pull.  I saw her cheek come away from her snout he pulled her whiskers so hard.  But all she did was get closer to him so she could lick his forehead and cheeks (and attempted to lick his nose, but since the poor baby is having trouble breathing anyway, we tried to keep the face licking to a minimum).

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you are under the weather again – and yes this weather pattern is killing me too – yesterday I just about climbed back into bed I felt so sick – Lola is an interesting doggie to say the least! I’m glad she is so protective and hope she gains the necessary fat for her back that she needs – I forgot which dog food you are giving her – my sister’s dogs are getting that “Blue Buffalo” food and they are quite enamored of it –

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    • Lola loves the Taste of the Wild Venison & Bison mix and we add a can of wet to her dry to help with her skin, it has fish oil and some other skin (she needs Valium, I think she chews when she’s stressed).

      It’s actually the first time I have been sick in several months! Botox brought down my migraine days which seems to have boosted my immune system. First year my SO has gotten hit by fall illnesses before me!


  2. Joan

     /  October 18, 2016

    Make yourself a sock. I use my husbands old but clean baseball socks. Fill it with rice, plain ordinary white rice, tie the end and microwave for 1 to 1.5 minutes. I wrap my head and my neck, it feels wonderful when you have a sinus headache. You can also put a few drops of essential oils on it before you nuke it. It’s my favorite thing.

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