Dysfunctional Wedding & Scenario 2 Answers

One of the things I have been battling with writing is my new computer.  When I bought it, I thought oh touch screen, that’ll be nice.  What I should have thought was touch screen? Lola can and does work my phone when it’s unlocked.  Do I really want a touch screen? 

Last night, as I sat working, she decided at around 11:30, she wanted my attention.  So she stood on the laptop and put her nose to the screen and like magic, I lost a chapter.  I attempted to recover it, but Lola is somehow in tune with the save button.  About three times a week, I lose stuff because Lola has learned that my laptop is like my phone. Sometimes it’s writing related, sometimes it’s email, and like last week, she unfriended someone on Facebook.  So much for a touch screen being a good idea.  However, it has been particularly interesting when I’ve lost stuff on a Nadine novella, because it reminds me of the Great Danes that Nadine can’t control.

Onwards and upwards!  Scenario 2 Answers.

  • A – YP 2 points
    • Take the sim card out of the phone and leave the phone there.  +1 (Not quite far enough, explain why you remove the SIM card)
    • Turn off all the lights, you know the layout of your house.  +1 (I would still break a toe, just FYI)
    • Grab two large kitchen knives, and put your shoes on quickly. +1 (Shoes are always a good idea)
    • Now you wait very quietly in the center of your house to see where they will try to enter your house. +1 (This is actually a good idea. Taking a position in the center of the house makes it easier to plan your escape)
    • You hear the person trying to open the back door so you race to the front door.  -1 (Racing to the front door is noisy, better to quietly move to the front)
    • Leaving the house, you run to your nearest neighbor’s house and knock.  You’re in luck, they’re still awake.  They open the door, let you in and you call the police. +1 (Good plan, even if the neighbor’s aren’t awake. But you should still have the SIM card with you, that’s the key to the entire thing.  Didn’t explain why they would be so angry that they tracked you down… -2
  • B – FC 3 points
    • I would say that the phone belongs to a gangster or drug runner and he is trying to get away / escape from bad people, hence the cheap and quick way of selling his phone.  It only receives incoming calls and texts because it only has a SIM that receives calls and texts.  +2 for figuring out the phone was sold to you under false pretenses. +1 for inventing a plausible reason for the false pretenses
    • GPS cannot be traced on a cellphone (even by the CIA or FBI) if it is switched off or has the battery removed. Therefore, after seeing the headlights in the driveway, I would switch the phone off and calmly walk out of the back door, heading in the direction of the nearest neighbor’s house.  -2 (You realized there was something hinky with the phone, but failed to act upon it, ie: taking it with you or at least taking the SIM card) +1 (for leaving the house through the backdoor)
    • The bad men are looking for a man (as it was a man selling the phone)’ so if they should pass me on the road, it wouldn’t bother me because if they asked me if I had seen a man in the area, I would tell them that a man passed me a little while ago running in the opposite direction to me. +1 (this is very true, they are looking for a man since a man sold you the phone, finding you would be a surprise)
  • C – MK 3 Points
    • No I don’t have a phone available but its dark and these people had to turn on my gps so they don’t know the area. +1 (for realizing you have the advantage)
    • first thing is obvious, turn off all lights so they can’t see easily.  +1 (the cover of darkness really does help)
    • Then make sure all doors and windows are locked to give me some time.  (Time for what?)
    • Since the language seems different I can assume there are at least 2 people and likely covering the front and back door.  +1 (Bonus Points: You recognized more than one person was involved)
    • Since my nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away I live in the country and have a big oak next to my house.  I open the basement door and throw the phone down the stairs (not sure how specific the gps is on this stupid phone).  -1 (You now don’t have the phone to give as evidence)
    • I run up to the 2nd story and out the bedroom window to the tree.  I shimmy down the tree as they break into the house and jump into their car.  Idiots didn’t take the keys as they were in a hurry to get to me.  I now have their car and drive to safety.  +1 (for stealing their car) -2 (not explaining why they are after you in the first place) +1 (Bonus point for attempting to shimmy down a tree quietly) +1 (bonus point because I feel bad that your basement probably leaks due to the tree roots growing against the foundation and given that it is a large enough oak for you to shimmy down from the second floor, it’s slowly destroying the concrete)
  • D – KG 3 Points
    • All other issues aside for a second, I need to see if I can quickly and safely identify the car that just pulled into my driveway. I might recognize the person and won’t have anything to worry about. However, I am already on high alert because of the text messages that I have seen, especially the one regarding the GPS being turned on remotely, but it still could be a coincidence and it very well might be a friend stopping in to say hi, or to check on me because well, my phone isn’t working. Just to be safe, I grab my 40 S&W that I keep in my living room. I’m already suspicious that this is all a misunderstanding and I will explain that later, but it can’t hurt to be on the safe side either until I have confirmed my suspicions. (Such an optimist… Poor girl…)
    • If I do not easily recognize the car, I am going to turn ensure the doors are locked and turn off all lights in the house, and turn the outside lights on. This will tell the intruders that I know they are there, and take away their element of surprise. I am confident I can move around in my house with the lights off, I know the lay out, and will not need much light. This gives me the advantage, because they don’t know the layout of my house, and will slow them down. By turning on the outside lights it will give them less cover, and I might be able to follow their movements better, in addition to it creating a slight mirror effect on the windows hindering how much they can see in, while providing me the ability to see out. +1, +1, +1, -2 (Turning out the lights is a good idea, turning on the porch light also a good idea, bonus points for realizing that you can use the darkened windows to your advantage, you lost points because you did not commit to a plan of action immediately… We can assume that it is very late when you begin receiving the hateful messages and when the car pulls up. I don’t know about you, but my friends do not show up, unannounced, at 3 am unless they are trying to hide from monsters… As a result, it is a given that the people pulling into your driveway are not your friends and you have wasted precious seconds trying to figure out if you know them are not.  Plus, judging by the text messages and GPS tracking, they are not going to want to listen to a reasonable, rational explanation of why you have a phone they want the owner of…)
    • If the people in the car were dumb enough to leave the headlights on/turn them on when they pulled into my driveway, (or the fact they pulled into my driveway in the first place) they probably will still have the dome light working and I could see how many people are in the car, to know how many people I’ll be up against. If I can’t see I’ll be listening for car doors. +1, -1 (While it is a true that you might be able to see how many people are in the car, hence the bonus point, the different types of text messages you received already proves how many there are and car doors are not a given, this could be a truck with only two doors but four people or a minivan with 3 doors and six people)
    • Running away is pointless, I’d be out in the open, exposed, and help is too far away to run to or yell for help, so I am better off staying in the house, armed. Chances are their car has mine blocked in and takes away my car as an escape route. +1 (You realized you could not use your car, see ending comment)
    • As I make my way to the safest part of my house, I will grab the cell phone, laptop and my old SIM card. I’m going to need these if I am wrong. +2 (Yes, you are going to need the phone’s SIM card to figure out what is going on. It’s behavior alone is suspicious)
    • Here is the reasons I am suspicious that this is all a misunderstanding, and I might not be the intended target, but have subsequently become one.
    • My phone apparently has “hundreds of these threatening messages” which suggests to me that they were not all sent since I have had possession of the phone, and not directed at me. Most likely they would be time stamped.
    • Some group messaging apps/or features will show multiple responses under the phone number of the original sender, so it could very well be random people arguing and threatening each other. They could quite possibly know each other therefore no need to say names, making them all anonymous and sounding like its being directed at me.
    • Some Mal-ware or Apps will allow messages to be sent under a fake phone number to other people, if a group of people had it out for the original owner this could explain why it appears to originate from a single phone, but be different personalities in the verb-age. +1 (Bonus Point:  They are indeed using multiple phones to send the messages to yours and covering it with a specific app that makes it all appear to come from a single number)
    • Several people could have been using the same phone to harass the guy. +1 (Yes they are, hence the different languages in the texts)
    • I only just received the GPS message, how is it that the got here so quickly?
    • Why would they pull into driveway if they meant me harm? -1 (While it may seem unfair for you to lose this point, it is actually obvious why they pulled into your driveway – 1.  It creates the illusion you cannot run away.  2. They are blocking in your car.  3.  They are really pissed off and just didn’t think about it.)
    • Could be an elaborate scam to sell a phone for cheap, scare the buyer into ditching it by multiple people sending creepy texts, and recovering phone to re-sell.
  • If they are in fact after me personally, I have already taken precautions and moved onto the next step of my plan. What is the wrong with the phone? If I cannot send messages or place phone calls (especially to 911) either a parental restriction is set up, or a mal-ware/spy-ware program has been installed. To fix this I need to remove the old SIM card and save it for evidence of the threatening emails. I will need to complete a factory reset on the phone. The pin number the guy gave me might be needed again. This only takes a few minutes. Once this is complete it should have removed any malicious programs thus allowing me to call 911. If 911 still won’t work, provided that I attempted to purchase a phone on the same provider, the SIM card shouldn’t take too long set itself up and allow me to text. If my phone continues to be a paperweight, I have one final method to get help. +1 (for understanding technology) -2 (all of this could be done on the run…)
  • Now my phone was obviously broken before I contacted the seller of this phone, so I probably used email, to contact him to set up a meeting time and place to work out the details. So I could also attempt to use my computer to contact someone via Skype, email, or instant messaging.
  • If I can’t get help, and still need it I have to defend myself with my gun, or die trying.
    • The thing you missed: Since you could see the car turn into your driveway and your neighbor is ¼ of a mile away, you live in the country.  Chances are very good that your driveway has some distance to it.  Grabbing the phone and escaping the house via the back door is the easiest solution.  You also assumed that it was open flat ground, when there was nothing said about the terrain.  It could just as easily been woods which would have provided you cover.
  • D – KN 5 Points
    • The original owner of the phone pissed some people off. Those people are probably using spoof software so the “callback” number appears the same. There are dozens of apps and software programs that allow you to send messages from any number you type in. Obviously all these “hate texts” are coming from the same thread somewhere – and everyone feels motivated to send responses back from the same number. I suspect something was posted on the internet, perhaps racial in nature (that stuff always goes viral). Social media brings out the most incredible keyboard warriors. Too bad for me That I invested in the wrong phone. +3 (for realizing that the phone was probably not a good investment, they are using an app so that multiple people involved, it is a little more personal than a racial slur, but you are definitely not the original intended target)
    • First things first, I set the alarm for my house, grab some weapons (like my big kitchen knife and police baton) and hunker down in my living room behind the chair in the corner (so I have a clear vantage point of anyone who comes in the door, am well hidden and also have close proximity to exit if things go south). -1 (You could also escape into the woods since you live in the country and run to a neighbor’s)
    • If someone is determined to get through, the alarm will at least go off unless they cut the wiring (not possible until you are in the house and these people don’t seem all that smart – they could have cut their headlights and caught me by surprise). +1 (Bonus points! These people are too pissed off to be smart and you’re right, if they had wanted the element of surprise or thought they needed it, they could have cut the headlights, but they didn’t, so you are dealing with average criminal types, at best)
    • If the headlights in the driveway are in fact from someone who is tracking the GPS, that means the phone has internet. I go onto the internet browser and log into one of my social media accounts. If the phone internet doesn’t work well thankfully I grabbed my iPad and I for sure have internet on that because I always have internet in my house. I post to all my social media networks. “HELP! Phone is not working. Have received written threats of harm. Suspicious vehicle outside my door. Please call the police and send them to my house located (insert address). Will post updates if I can. This is NOT a joke or I would not post my address!” I have more than enough people who would take my cry for help seriously. Just in case, I tag my alarm company in the post. I start streaming a live feed just in case the “visitor” decides they are going to come through my door uninvited. +1 (Bonus Points: You can use the internet on the phone and if your close friends are still awake, they will definitely be sending the police… But it’s late, so you might start trying to use the iPad to message them)
    • As long as the possible intruder is outside and I am still safely inside, I would play with the phone to try to get it to make calls or send texts (by putting my own SIM in, wiping the cache and/or trying a reboot to see if my carrier will allow me to hook on to the network). I would continue to post updates of my status/current situation, just in case . . . +1 (using your own SIM card and doing a factory reset would help tremendously, bonus points for understanding technology)
    • No matter what, as soon as I am in contact with safety, this phone is going to the police station! Obviously whoever had it before was not making good choices. Also, I’m investing in a safe room, a large breed dog, and some self defense classes. +1 (All good choices!)
      • However, you probably could have run out the backdoor while doing all this. You obviously live in the country and these guys are at the top of the driveway when you notice them.  Getting to the neighbor’s, regardless of the late hour, would have helped. -1
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  1. Fae

     /  October 14, 2016

    All great answers again. I love how different people come up with so many great ideas on how to escape the same situation. Hope Lola leaves your screen alone long enough for you to finish a book Hadena, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. Actually started reading the dreams series from scratch… Again!

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