The Game – Can You Survive?

Let’s get ready to play a game of Can you survive?  First, the boring stuff:


  • To submit your answers; please email me at  Use the scenario title as the subject line so I can keep them all straight.
  • You can only answer once per scenario (there will be at least 2 a week until Halloween).
  • Players will earn points for creativity.
  • You cannot invent things to bring with you.
  • There will be a “right answer” for each scenario, but there will be other ways to survive if you get creative enough.
  • I’m not judging the answers all by myself.  I’ll have help to fairly assign points.
  • You do not get points for being first, so take your time and think about each of them.
  • There are going to be some definite ways to die in each scenario.  If you die, I’ll tell you when I post the answer (points may still be awarded, even if you don’t survive).
  • Answers must be submitted by 8 am the following day.  All answers will be posted on my blog that day, semi-anonymously (initials will be used unless you specify a pseudonym), with point values assigned.
  • You may get help from a friend or family member.
  • If you attempt to kill someone or something “evil” in the scenario as part of your escape, it must be logical (ie: you cannot kill a vampire with a can of hairspray and a lighter, you can only set him on fire and hope for the best).
  • Use of tools or items given in the scenario must also be logical, you can’t pick the lock on a set of handcuffs with a credit card.
  • Winners will be announced Halloween day.
  • Will ship prizes internationally


  • 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive:
    • 4 signed books of their choice (can be any of my published books)
    • 1 special swag item of their choice (options will be made available to the winner at the end)
    • 1 – 2017 D&R Wall Calendar
    • A full set of magnets (if you already have some magnets and do not want duplicates, you can message me what you want)
  • 3 Big Prize Winners will receive:
    • 1 signed book of their choice (can be any of my published books)
    • 1 – 2017 D&R desk calendar
    • Full set of magnets (if you already have some magnets and do not want duplicates, message me with what you want)
  • 5 other prize winners will receive:
    • 1 – 2017 D&R Desk calendar
    • Full set of magnets
  • 5 other winners will recieve:
    • Full set of magnets

Scenario 1 – Escape From Below

You are leaving the airport at a late hour.  The business trip did not go well and you are dreading your report in the morning.  Worse, you missed the shuttle back to your house because of a flight delay.  You call a cab and as you wait, you notice a young lady standing near the shuttle pick-up area.  After a brief introduction, you agree to share the cab as you are going to the same neighborhood.  The more you talk, the more you realize you know her!  She’s the daughter of a friend of your mother’s.

During the ride, you make chitchat with the young lady just to pass the time.  You decide the cab can drop you off at the top of your street so that you don’t have to delay the young lady’s return home any longer than possible.  Besides, you only have an overnight bag with you and your house is third from the corner.

You say goodnight to the young lady, pay for your part of the cab, and begin walking down the street.  It’s a good neighborhood and you know all your neighbors.  As you begin walking you hear the cab pull away.  However, before you get home, someone comes up behind you and hits you in the head.

When you wake, you find yourself in a large, dark room lit only by bare bulbs stuck into three sockets.  The ceiling above you is unfinished, the rafters and wiring are exposed.  A large, heavy chain is padlocked around your waist.

A noise draws your attention to the other side of the room.  The young lady you shared a cab with is also chained to the wall with the same lock and chain mechanism as you.  Your overnight bag and her suitcase are both near her feet.

She is still not conscious, as you wait for her to wake up, you look around the room some more.  There are two stairs, both disappearing behind walls near the top, so you can’t see the doors.  The basement, and you are sure it’s a basement, doesn’t have much in it; your overnight bag, her suitcase, three dirty mattresses, another chain and lock set that is empty.  In the corner is a plastic container of bungee cords and a mousetrap.

Your overnight bag contains make-up, a hair tie, wooden hair sticks, a skirt suit, a change of underwear, pantyhose, hair spray, hair gel, detangling leave-in conditioner, and an underwire bra.  You do not know what is in her suitcase.

How do you and the young lady get out of the chains, out of the basement, and find help before whoever took you finds out what you are up to?

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  1. Maya

     /  October 4, 2016

    You use the bungee rope in the corner and attach one end to the mousetrap. You use them as a sort of fishing pole to drag your overnight bag to you. You then use the wire from your bra to unlock the padlock and do the same to the girl across from you. Before you escape you place both your overnight bag and her suitcase on mattresses to give the illusion that you haven’t escaped when the captor returns. You both go through each door to check which is the exit and then escape from whichever door leads outside.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fae

     /  October 5, 2016

    Hi Hadena, can you please confirm that you received my answer. Thanks, Fae



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