Occasionally I Get Distracted

Last night, I was reading a news article which lead to me reading another news article and so on.  I admit that when I read, I get distracted by whatever I’m reading and will blindly go on to read whatever is next because that’s just the way my brain seems to work when it comes to reading.

I ended up on a Reddit Post about creepy things that happened to people this one time.  I don’t know how long I got sucked into the thread, it might have been minutes, it might have been days.  Because that’s the nature of Reddit Posts… they seem to go on for eternity.

Anyway, it made me think about creepy things that have happened to me.  There aren’t many, simply because I don’t get creeped out very easily.  But one did come to mind…

I was sixteen and out with some friends one night.  One of them needed a ride home, which I was willing to provide.  She lived out in the middle of nowhere.  We get close to her house on this gravel road and there’s a big tree limb in the road.  Not a big deal, the group of us get out, move it off the road, continue on to her house.  We get there and hang out a few minutes, not long and then leave, heading back out the way we came.  Got back on that gravel road and there was the tree limb again along with a few others that were much bigger.  The other friend with me decided we would stop and move them again, because it was going to be faster than going the other way (several miles the wrong direction before hitting highway).  We both hop out, he grabs one end of a branch, I grab the other and I just stop.  I can see people standing in the field on the other side of the road and they were staring at us.

We didn’t move the branch a second time.  We got into my car, locked the doors, and high tailed it out of there.  I drove over a quarter of a mile down a gravel road, in the dark, because there was no place to turn around.

My panic is starting to subside and I decide it’s probably not anything weird or creepy and that it might have been trees and shadows that I saw.  But when we got back into city limits, my friend dug out my cell phone to call the friend we had dropped off.  His first words to her “there were a group of people hanging out on the north side of the road near your house where we moved the tree branch.  H and I freaked and got in the car, heading home now, but you might want to double check to make sure everything is locked up.”

Only problem, I was looking at the south side of the road.  Obviously there had been people behind me that freaked him out and people behind him that freaked me out.  Since we both saw people, I’m inclined to believe that for whatever reason, there were actually people standing in the fields on either side of the road and they had intentionally moved the branch back in the way.

It took months for me to go back to her house without other people joining me for the ride there and the ride home.

Feel free to share your creepy stories (the world is full of weirdness and I like to hear about it).

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