When You Post…

When you post stuff on social media, it is there for the world to read.  More importantly, it is there for the world to comment upon.  Amongst my groups of friends, comments are usually supportive.  However, once in a while, someone loses their shit and things get ugly.  I have three examples from this week that I’m going to share:

  1. Person A commented that they had spent over $5,000 just in July on alcohol and it was more than they made in the month of July, so they might have a drinking problem.  Person B responded with “if you feel it’s a problem, there are ways to get help.”  Person A lost their shit and went nuts accusing Person B of calling them an alcoholic and worthless.  That Person A didn’t have a drinking problem and only drove drunk a few times a month (which invited more comments, by the way).  Person A ended up unfriending about 20 people over it.  Person B shrugged their shoulders and still isn’t entirely sure what went wrong.  – I am friends with Person B, Person A is an acquaintance.
  2. Person C posted about how much they hated their job.  Person D said “if you’re unhappy, find a new one, I’ll even help.”  We all know Person C has hated their job for a while now and it’s starting to make them physically ill.  Person C freaked out claiming that Person D was trying to sabotage their job and they could get fired for such a comment and why would Person D do that to them.  Person D was temporarily unfriended, but did not accept the renewed friendship request a few days later… – Friends with both (until they read this post probably)
  3. Person F posted a photo and commented about how much they hated their body and couldn’t gain any weight.  Person G suggested there might be something wrong, like hyperthyroidism and if they were really unhappy, maybe they should see a doctor because Person F really puts away the food… I’ve seen them eat and they can clean out a buffet.  Person F accused Person G of body shaming Person F and jealousy because Person F was obviously much healthier than Person G since they can eat whatever they want in whatever quantities they want and not gain a single pound, while Person G is about 15 pounds overweight (yep, a whole 15 pounds…).  – Friends with both?

I’m not entirely sure what Persons A, C, and F were expecting when they posted, but it appears they all lost their damn minds when people did comment on them.  I read the posts from beginning to end in all three cases and nothing negative was actually said.  I didn’t comment on Person A or C because I had nothing nice to say.  I considered responding to Person F until they flipped the fuck out on Person G, just to offer suggestions that might help them (tapeworm was the first thing that came to my mind – Now I will await that private message from them about what an asshat I am).

Here’s the thing, if you put something out on social media, people are going to comment.  Most will be positive, some won’t, either way, you instigated it by putting up the post.  I’ve pissed off a few readers by blogging about controversial subjects that they had strong opinions on… It happens, but I certainly didn’t bring out the Crazy Cocktail and chug it before responding.  I thought about their feelings and tried to respond in a more diplomatic manner, because I may kill people in books, but in the real world, I hate hurting other people (no, I’m not a pacifist, I just think we are all human and therefore, we should treat each other as such).  As a result, none of them downed a Crazy Cocktail and told me I was an asshat.  But these are different, because in these cases, nothing negative was actually said by the commenter who had Crazy dumped all over them.

Just a friendly service reminder to think before you post, comment, or react to a comment.  Most of us are just trying to help when we add something in the comment section (unless it’s on YouTube for some reason).  My rule of thumb, if someone is an asshat – truly an asshat, not just a remark that really isn’t meant to be mean – in the comments, I just delete the comment.  They can be an asshat, but it’s my social media page and I don’t allow for asshatiness to exist there.

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