Why TV Irritates Me

I often find the TV to be irritating, which is why I don’t watch a ton of it.  The biggest problem is that the shows I love end up cancelled pretty quickly.  (PS: Not a Firefly fan, sorry)  Or they change the cast so much that the show is just unrecognizable.  I’ve got a list of examples:

  • Whitechapel – WTF?!?  The end of season 4 wasn’t an ending, it was barely the beginning, but alas, it’s gone.  I highly recommend it, but be prepared for some disappointment with it going away.
  • Rosemary & Thyme – Another oldie but goodie for those that like murder mysteries and British TV.  The end of season 3 was very abrupt.  It was obviously meant to have a season 4, but it just didn’t happen.
  • Sherlock – I get that season 3 is only possibly the end, but I haven’t watched it yet, just in case.  Cumberbatch is a great Sherlock and I love Martin Freeman.  I have heard rumors of a season 4, but I’ll wait until it’s confirmed by someone in the know (as of this writing, I hadn’t found that confirmation).
  • The Dresden Files – Season 1 was awesome.  Sadly, there is only one season.  What made it more incredible is that I’m not a fan of the books.  I’m trying to listen to them on audiobook, but I hated reading Storm Front.  Paul Blackthorne was a great Dresden and I still hear his voice in my head regardless of who narrates the audiobook (although, I think he should be hired and paid a princely sum to do it).
  • The Unexplained Files – I didn’t mind Bruce Greenwood’s narration of the show and most of the episodes I found at least one thing interesting.  I’m tired of people with GoPro cameras trained on their faces looking for cryptids.  The only way we would ever see them is if they got eaten.  And they don’t explore the other paranormal activity that goes on around us.
  • Monsters & Mysteries in America – See above regarding Unexplained Files… same principle.
  • Witches of East End – I love Julia Ormond and found the series as it got cancelled… So I have yet to watch season 2, because I know it’s the last.  It was well worth the time, energy, and effort.  It had promise.  It had some originality.  The book was good too.
  • Death in Paradise – So, to be fair, this is a “me” problem.  I loved Richard Poole and was devastated by episode 1 of season 3.  I am trying to like Humphrey (he was in Love Actually after all and it was an excellent film), but it’s hard.
  • Midsomer Murders – I did watch 17 seasons of this show and I loved most of them.  However, when Tom retired, I just couldn’t connect with John… After a season or two of John, I gave up.
  • Sleepy Hollow – What the hell happened on this show?!?  I was loving it, then it was like I missed some very important episodes and got very lost before the beginning of this season.  So I went to Amazon, bought the episodes I thought I had missed and found I hadn’t.  Meaning I have no idea where I got lost or how, but this season was too confusing for me… I made it through 2 episodes.
  • Criminal Minds – With the firing of Thomas Gibson and the departure of Shemar Moore, I have serious concerns about the upcoming season.  I do love the girl that plays Prentiss and I’m glad to hear she is coming back.  I also adore Aisha Tyler and the rest of the cast, so I’m not giving up on it entirely.
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  1. I know that i am practically the kiss of death when it comes to tv series – it seems like Fox only lives to cancel series I like so I have pretty much given up on watching anything on their network – I too hate when a series is really getting good and I find out that it’s been cancelled – TNT has done this to me a couple of times and I have even thought of going to Hollywood and beating someone over cancelling my shows ….lol…of course I would never ever do that but still – it is really annoying! I liked The Dresden Files – couldn’t believe they cancelled it – quit watching Criminal Minds a while back because I just felt the stories were suffering and needed new writers – but I liked Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore and I know they will be missed

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    • I just started watching Criminal Minds because everyone kept telling me the Dreams books reminded them of the show. It’s pretty good.



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