More Aislinn Cain & the SCTU to Come

Even though I’m a little behind schedule with Innocent Dreams (it should have gone to the editor no later than 8/14), I assure you, there are plenty more Dreams & Reality books to come.

There has always been an open-endedness to Gabriel’s wendigo.  I have let the readers use their imagination on who or what it really was.  Eventually, that will have to end and the story will have to come out.  I have the plot.  I even have most of it thought out.  It just isn’t written yet.

There is a new super villain.  Ace & the SCTU do not know his identity, but if you’ve read Fortified Dreams, you do.  He will have to be caught.  I can’t leave that in limbo.

The series lacks a “cultural killer” and that deficit needs to be corrected and will be, with Ritual Dreams.  

I promise, the Apex storyline is going somewhere as is Aislinn’s mother (does anyone know her name?!?).

The Reality books will no longer focus on Malachi… He just doesn’t work as a main character.  However, I’ve had a new idea for them and they are about to come into existence, giving a different perspective as well as introducing some of those serial killers readers only have a few lines about in other books.

Plus so many more things that I can’t talk about yet.  We are looking at a dozen or more books in the series left to write and that’s just the ones in my head.  I will have new thoughts by the time I get these written.

It’s why I bought the computer I bought.  Computer issues have now delayed the release of 7 books (not all D&R books) in recent years.  So, when I ordered my customized Dell, I made sure that I bought one that would not be obsolete in a few years and it has a great warranty with next day repairs.  I love to write and I needed something that I could put all my books on and work without worry that I’ll have another 2 week delay (or longer).  Because I want to get everything out to the readers as fast as I possibly can so I can write more of them.

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  1. Yay on the new computer – bummer on Asus being so crummy – a laptop should last more than 2 years and it should not die the way yours did – especially since they are supposed to be so highly rated

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  2. I love malachi so leave him in a little please

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    • Malachi will always exist (thanks to readers saving his life), he just won’t be a main character. His personality is devoid of everything that isn’t faked… I can’t fake emotions for even half a book, let alone an entire one. 😄


  3. anne

     /  August 19, 2016

    I bought the first Dreams book and then every one after that and read them in sequence. I have NEVER done that before with any other author. So happy it will continue (hopefully, forever, but write faster!) I like Malachi. I don’t want to see him gone. Could he possibly need to be reined in because he’s going more to the dark side? That might be another story element to keep him alive. He just needs more substance. Thanks for Dreams!!!

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    • Malachi is a lovely secondary character. However, it is very hard to write a book with a main character that has no emotions 90% of the time.


  4. Fae

     /  August 21, 2016

    OMG OMG I am so happy Hadena. You have made my day. I can’t wait xxx

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  5. Fae

     /  August 21, 2016

    I’m the same as Anne on. I have bought all of your dreams books and even the dysfunctionals. I am now on the brenna strachan books, which are equally fantastic. Can’t wait for my next ace and Malachi fix xx

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  6. Rhonda Daley

     /  March 18, 2018

    3 months ago I discovered your Dreams and Reality books and couldn’t put them down. I have now just finished Flawless Dreams and am hanging by my fingertips for the next book. Do you have any idea when it will be out ?

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    • It should come out some time in April. My editor can’t get to it until the weekend because she has to keep her say job because we don’t pay her enough, once I go through her changes it will go to Beta readers for a week or so and then I’ll post links on my blog and send out a newsletter announcement when it gets accepted by all ebook retailers. Which is usually within 24 hours of uploading it.



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