When an Asus Decides to Die…

My last Asus laptop died slowly.  First one thing went, then another, and another, until that moment I realized I was on the brink of disaster.  I didn’t know that an Asus began to slowly die instead of going out in a burst of flames or a Blue Screen of Death, but I do now.

A week or so ago, the battery went kaputt.  Within 24 hours, my USB 3.0 port also died.  Wednesday, I went to open a program and it told me it couldn’t do it, because the program had become corrupted.  I reinstalled it.  Waited a few minutes, opened it, closed it, and when I went to open it again, it told me it had become corrupted.  I scanned my machine for malware, found none.  Tried a different program (this time a game), it worked for about an hour and then it shut down unexpectedly and when I went to open it, I got that error message telling me that it couldn’t open because the files were missing.

I spent a great deal of Thursday night backing up my entire digital life; emails, story files, photos, and anything else of importance.

Saturday evening, I opened Chrome to order pizza and Chrome crashed.  Then it crashed the machine and the machine randomly rebooted itself.  Needless to say, I used my phone to order pizza.

Then last night happened… I opened WriteItNow – the software I use to write everything from short story collections to Dreams novels.  I got two sentences written when a critical error occurred and my machine once again randomly rebooted itself.  If stress affects sciatic inflammation, this damn machine might be the source of some of the problem.  Thankfully, I only lost two sentences and the file didn’t become corrupted.

So, what’s a writer to do when their machine becomes their enemy?  Mostly, I decided to play video games tonight.  If it’s going to corrupt something, I prefer it corrupt those than my novel files or my writing software.  However, the new laptop won’t arrive for at least 14 days.  I’m now a full month behind my writing schedule because of stupid unhealed injuries and computer problems.  Once the laptop arrives, I will spend a few days trying to sort it out – installing important software, putting files back on it, etc.

And as I wrote this post, the network card freaked the fuck out and disconnected me from my home network because it decided… well, I don’t know what it decided.  I just know that I had internet on everything but my laptop.  I had to hook up my hotspot from my phone to get this completed.  For the record, it says I’m connected, but that the network is not reachable… as I stream from Amazon on the same network to my Blu-Ray player without so much as a glitch in the video.   I also had to plug my phone into the computer to get it to accept the connection.

Oh Asus how you irritate me… So, I’m going back to a Dell, that I purchased from their webstore with a great warranty.  I will provide an update on when books will release as soon as I have a better understanding of when and how my writing capabilities are going to go…


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  1. Joan

     /  August 16, 2016

    I so hate PCs. Next time I’m buying a Mac. I have a Dell. I use it once a year when I have to get my files together to send to my CPA. I use my iPad at home. It never gives me problems, knock knock…….

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m the opposite, I hate Mac. I loved my Dell. I had it ten years or so. When I did finally replace it, I did so because it had become obsolete (not enough everything at that point). I have now had two ASUS computers and I’m not having very good luck them.



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