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I’ve been working on several books; Innocent Dreams, The Dysfunctional Wedding, Disillusioned Reality, and Terrorific Tales.  I’ve kinda hit blocks with the first three, but the short fiction pieces that will fill Terrorific Tales is showing promise.  It has 30 stories right now.  It needs more, but I’m running on fumes for writing prompts.

Then I had a Eureka! moment.  I love interacting with readers.  What if I let my readers give me a scenario, a line or two, or a character and I used their suggestions to build flash and short fiction pieces?

In other words, you guys would be providing the writing prompts and seeing where they go with my imagination.  It would be fun.  It would definitely be challenging.  I know I would enjoy it.

So, leave a prompt in the comments on this post with , Tweet it to me, post it to my Facebook page, private message me/direct message me on social media, or if you have my email, you can email it to me.  I’m excited to get my readers involved in the actual creative writing process.

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  1. Medical situation always give me a bit of anxiety. Always have. I’ve got a touch of white coat syndrome. Once when coming out of anesthesia from a simply knee arthroscopy I had a very vivid dream that I was waking up from a surgery gone very wrong. I somehow ended up with an organ transplant and the family didn’t take too kindly to me getting the organ.

    As I was actually waking up the first thing I remember the doctor saying was that my surgery didn’t quite go as planned…. and I vomited.

    Granted they just meant there was more damage to my knee… not that I ended up with someone else’s organ!

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    • So, if you were going to write a medical horror story, what would the first line or two be?


      • Hm. That’s tough. I’m the person who chuckles and makes light of everything, often times at inappropriate times – I laughingly refer to the waiver you sign for surgery as legal permission to accidentally kill me as long as they do everything right.

        Sadly, best three possibilities I can come up with right now would be:
        1 – starting off in the doctor’s office making some crack about the medical release I signed.

        2 – joking about the nurse fussing to cover me with my gown and dismissing the need… as anyone trying to get a cheap thrill of seeing me partially nude on the table was in more need than preserving any thought of modesty. (really happened lol!)

        3 – waking up in recovery alone and still out of it, but hearing bits and pieces of nurses talking about a botched procedure and what HR was doing.

        Maybe give me some time to better think. On day 2 of 3 of my DHE drip and they do have me a bit loopy! 🙂

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      • Take a few days, it will still be here


      • And DHE is so wonderful, if only the nurses would leave you alone while taking it, it would be even better.


    • And I woke up during rhinoplasty, they were still working on my sinus passages. I actually heard my doctor say “Holy shit, she’s waking up.” I asked him about it during the follow up and he admitted he said it and I did wake up during it for about 30 seconds.


  2. Oh wow, this would scare the hell out of me to think about.

    While I have some odd quirk that I *must* watch as they insert a needle I have no desire to know what goes on during surgery. I was partially awake for my wisdom teeth being cut out and those noises still haunt me…

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  3. Rosanne Parks

     /  August 7, 2016

    How about a psychiatric nurse who comes into contact with a psychotic, genius, who gets out of the hospital, and starts to stalk her, but no one believes her, and he starts leaving scary clues, etc,etc. I work as a psychiatric nurse, and have had some patients get very attached/possessive. It can get very uncomfortable sometimes.


  4. anne

     /  August 8, 2016

    I am so in love with your Dreams series. Write faster and faster. Twins and triplets are always interesting in books. How about one is a psychopath…you can come up with the rest of the theme.

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  5. Christina Eidelberg

     /  August 9, 2016

    I am adopted. When I turned 18, my adopted parents said they had done “their duty”. So, what happened next?

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  6. Christina Eidelberg

     /  August 9, 2016

    Possible first sentence: Do you love your parents? I did; until about an hour ago.

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  7. Christina Eidelberg

     /  August 9, 2016

    You are, so not, an asshat!!!

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  8. Christina Eidelberg

     /  August 9, 2016

    Last night I went to Manderly again and, sadly, my parents are still asshats. 😇

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