How The Journey Began

My best friend is some kind of internet security guru.  I don’t know her exact title and I’d be hard pressed to explain her job… It’s important and involves things like honeypots and black holes.  Anyway, not entirely the point.

Between my mother and my best friend, I’ve always had two people standing behind me, encouraging me to follow my passion and write.  So, I have.  Even when I have lost my mind and deleted things that should not have been deleted, they stood by me.

My bestie (who is in fact also my cousin) would buy me books on writing, honing my craft, plot arcs, etc., when she came across one she thought I might find useful.  She read all my crappy stuff before I really learned to how to write an ending.  And that was big, because it took me years to figure out how to end a novel.  The very first Aislinn Cain novel was well over 150,000 words because I just couldn’t figure out how to get to the end of the book.

While she and my mother were telling me my stuff was good and that I should read contracts very closely and I was turning writing offers down because I’m that way, she never once batted an eyelash.  She didn’t think I was weird for not taking them.  She was willing to talk about them with me and weigh the pros and cons.  It was very helpful and I wouldn’t be here today if I had taken one of them.

Yesterday, I was cleaning out my emails and found a note from her.  She wanted to talk about a project she was working on that related to my writing.  It was dated four years ago.  She had done something and was working on tracking plagiarized ebooks or something along those lines.  Then came the big question: Have I considered self publishing?

Of course I had… Years ago… When it was still mostly vanity press publishing.  I hadn’t considered it since ebooks had become popular.  I didn’t know how the industry had changed or how easy self publishing had become.  She sent me some articles.  I read them and thought about it.  Then I thought about it some more.  I had some books sitting around waiting for me to do something with them… I talked it out with her, talked it out with my mother, probably mentioned it in passing to my SO, but she was the one that really convinced me to take the plunge.

And I did.  As of 30 August 2016, I will have been an indie author for four years.  During those four years I’ve had nine editors, four proofreaders, five cover artists, and published twenty-one books and novellas.  It’s been amazing.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I have her to thank for it.  She’s been telling me to keep writing or start publishing for 28 years now… And that is the secret to all my female relationships in my books – the reason Aislinn and Nadine are both besties with their cousins is because my two closest female friends are both cousins and one of them has done everything she can to make sure I never gave up on writing, even when it meant reading crappy stuff.


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  1. Vuxton, Anne

     /  July 27, 2016

    I have read every Dream series to date and am waiting for the next. I’ve never done that in succession with any author. I am a little depressed that I am temporarily at the end of the road on Dreams now. I read your posts and read below you’ve been through four proofreaders. I’ve been proofreading (scoping-by computer, or by paper) for 26 years now. Mostly court documents, depositions, sworn statements, but also a few book manuscripts (one sci fi, two mysteries, a memoir, and an erotic romance). I would be honored to proofread for you. Please let me know if you are interested. And thank you for many, many hours of pleasurable reading!

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  2. Maria D.

     /  July 27, 2016

    A true friend is worth more than their weight in gold!

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