Things On My Mind Lately

This will be a post about some of the little things that have been on my mind lately:

  1. Pokemon Go – I don’t play, but I’m surprised by the number of people slamming this game.  The last two generations of kids, give or take a some years, have been raised on video games.  It has contributed to a burgeoning of obesity in our society.  Pokemon Go takes those kids, quite a few of them are now adults, and gets them moving.  One of my nephews does play and I have seen the game interface.  It does warn when you are too close to roads or dangerous places.  Because of Pokemon Go an entire generation that had been very sedentary is now moving to go catch Pokemon in the parks, around their neighborhoods, on hiking trails, etc.  Meaning that while my generation and older may not get the appeal of Pokemon, we shouldn’t be teasing those that are using it.  The best example I have gotten from it:  One of my friends uses a FitBit and normally achieves 25,000 steps a day (she’s a nurse).  She downloaded the game for her son who is 12 and doesn’t have a smartphone and they went to the park together.  In their quest to find Pokemon, she got another 22,000 steps that afternoon.  That means her son also got 22,000 steps.  He spent time outdoors, in a park, with his mother.  My generation had Hammer pants, the next generation had Pokemon… Just because we may think they are lame, doesn’t mean we should point it out to that generation after us, because I assure you, they think our Hammer pants were lame (just like the big hair of the 1980s and bellbottoms of the 1970s).
  2. Leslie Jones – What the fuck did this poor woman do?  Did she recommend a specific type of barbecue sauce that should be applied to babies while they are on the grill? Until recently, I didn’t know who she was (I am not in the know about celebrities and other trendy stuff – I only recently saw a picture of one of the Kardashians, I don’t know which one, and I’m still not entirely sure why they have a TV show) and I mostly still don’t – I know she was attacked by Twitter trolls and I know that she is in the  Ghostbusters remake and has a funny commercial.  I haven’t seen the remake of Ghostbusters, but I want to, because I like Melissa McCarthy and I liked the original movie.  I think the remake will be entertaining and some of the original Ghostbusters cast gave it their stamp of approval.  If Dan Aykroyd believes it’s as good as the version he was in… Well, who am I to argue?  I searched for a reason why trolls had gotten to her and I came up with a few answers: She’s black.  She’s female.  She’s funny.  She’s in the remake of Ghostbusters.  I didn’t see anything that said she suggested we barbecue babies or what sort of sauce to use.  I actually didn’t find anything to suggest that she did something heinous, in general.  As far as I can tell, she’s just a person and an actress.  Do we suck so much as a society that it’s okay to randomly attack actresses for appearing in movies?
  3. Social Media – Thinking about Leslie Jones’ problems with Twitter and reading all my friends’ posts about how lame Pokemon Go is; has made me wonder if a large portion of the population gets on social media just to be assholes.  Also, true colors seem to shine through on social media.  I had to unfriend a person on Facebook and in real life because I got tired of their anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-black sentiments.  I didn’t realize just how bigoted the person was until I spent a month as their Facebook friend.  The clincher was when they posted about making gay people wear badges so that heterosexuals would know not to buy from them, sit next to them, etc.  They had no problems posting about how much God loves everyone though… So I’m guessing in their world, God loves everyone who is white, heterosexual, and Christian.  Seems like a very narrow-minded God.
  4. Writers – I’ve noticed a trend in the writer community where writers only support certain writers and it has nothing to do with how good their writing is.  As a female who predominantly writes serial killer novels, I have experienced some bias in this department.  A writer recently told me they couldn’t support my books because they didn’t believe a woman should write in that genre.  I’m not made of stone and admit the comment hurt my feelings, but it isn’t exactly the first time I’ve heard it.  Also, another author told me they couldn’t support me because I would cut into their fan base.  This is ridiculous.  Readers read books of all sorts and can have multiple favorite authors.  The world does work that way.  But it highlights the problem that authors are cliquish.  One year, I considered going to ORACon in Springfield, Missouri.  I don’t really read romance, but I know that good things happen when you interact with other authors, attend workshops, talks, and panel discussions.  I was dissuaded when an author told me “it wasn’t really for people like me.”  I’m not sure what that means, but it seems like I wouldn’t be very welcome.
  5. Bullying – Essentially, I’ve been thinking a great deal about bullying.  It happens in many ways.  Some of it is blatant.  Some of it isn’t.  And none of us are immune.  I don’t care if people have opinions, but I do think we should all try to be a little more supportive and understanding of everything and everyone.


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  1. Well said!!!?… and that’s a wide range to have on your mind!! 😆😆😆 I’ve been all over the world & I’ve seen some really great things, & some really sad things. All I can say is I like where your head’s at, & don’t let the world get you down… cause it can swallow you whole like that!! 😁

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  2. Maria D.

     /  July 22, 2016

    Great post – I’m not into Pokemon myself and have no problems with people playing it as long as they are responsible about it – don’t leave your kids alone in the park while you go play for hours and leave them unattended – don’t cross in front of oncoming cars just to get a point or whatever is they are after – that’s my one issue with it. As for Leslie Jones – the whole thing is so over the top ridiculous that it almost makes me head explode – people need to quit acting like trolls and whatever else you can call them just because they are on social media and they think it gives them the freedom to act like social idiots. I don’t blame her for leaving twitter – that’s just unacceptable behavior.
    As for the writers thing – I have noticed that and I don’t like it – as a reader I can decide who and what to spend my money on and if you are so insecure that you think supporting a fellow writer will take away from you – all I can say is get over yourself and start acting like an adult and not a baby – I have never gone to any of the book events either because of the expense and the cliquish behavior.

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  3. My response is way too long, but i have to say it.

    On Pokemon Go -I agree. I personally had zero interest in it having passed my 4th decade by the time the Pokemon craze (version 1) came and went. My sons were young then and really got a lot of pleasure from that game / tv series…

    Now my oldest and his wife are out hunting Pomkemon in the wilds of our parks and post offices. She walked 7 extra miles last Thursday playing the game – great exercise that was fun. Just because it’s different from what we did at their age does not make it wrong – it’s innovation.

    2, 3, 4 and 5 all tie together. Leslie Jones is by far the brightest star on Saturday Night Live. I’m going to be blunt. The ass wipes that were insulting her mostly have not even seen the movie. They sound like southern rednecks upset that some “uppity nigger” is getting some attention. She should tell them to go fuck themselves. We’ve seen enough racist toxicity coming out of Cleveland without these turd trolls adding their venom to the public discourse.

    I am not the biggest fan of our current president nor the woman who is running to replace him. BUT – The RNC has created an environment in which it is now ok to be an intolerant asshole who has no idea of the difference between correlation and causation. Or of fact from fiction for that matter. Any self serving claim is accepted as truth. Any and all perceived ills are attributed to Hillary and Barack, even when a casual google search reveals the cause to be prior to their tenures. Now it is adequate just to assert that the problem will be made to go away with no detail or plan. (as long as you do not pay attention to that man behind the curtain). As a friend put it – I want our Republican party back from the racist, oh so pious ‘moral majority’ types, and ultra rich panderers. They have put to lie everything the party of Lincoln stood for.

    Unfortunately many Americans see this trend and feel entitled to harass and impugn legitimate victims like the counselor who was shot 3 time by police because he was on the ground, with no gun, hands in the air complying. Or to tell people they should only speak English in America, or beat up a homeless man if the assailant believes the recipient of the kicks and blows to be Mexican.

    This election cycle and the public response remind me of the Turd and Douche episode on South Park.

    What happened to the old wisdom that an individuals rights extended to the end of his nose? I always loved that adage for its simple yet profound recognition of our own individual universes, and where not to interfere.

    Sorry – You sparked me and I needed to vent.

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