CPAP Update

It’s been 11 nights of CPAP usage.  It has sucked.  I’m not sleeping much.

  • It takes me about forty-five minutes to an hour to fall asleep after I have put on the mask.  It used to take me less than five minutes.
  • I sleep in hour or so increments.  I now know I am awake much more often.  And we aren’t talking about waking up, rolling over, and going back to sleep.  I wake up, roll over, have to try to get comfortable again, and then spend five minutes or so trying to fall back asleep.
  • I’m dreaming, constantly.  At first, I was like everyone else and thought, I’m getting into a deeper sleep.  However, this is impossible considering I don’t stay asleep longer than an hour or so at a time.  Also, not dreaming is a side effect of benzodiazepine use, which I do take at night.  Last night, I had seven different dreams about being suffocated… fun.
  • I have woken up with a headache every morning since I started using it.  I used to wake up with migraines, so that’s an improvement, but… Like today, I awoke with a headache, but now I have spots in my vision, so it is quickly becoming a migraine.
  • I’m forced to sleep in a weird position.  Normally, I sleep on my side, tilted slightly forward.  However, with the full nose/mouth mask , I can’t.  It makes the area below the bridge of my nose hurt, the cheek I’m lying on hurt, the teeth on that side hurt, and breaks the seal on the opposite side.  My back and neck are constantly stiff from trying to find a more comfortable position to sleep in.
  • The humidity feature is a joke.  A seriously bad one.  I have it all the way up and on warming.  I wake up a couple times a night simply because my mouth has become so dry, my night guard is sticking to my teeth, cheeks, and tongue and it feels like I’ve been at the dentist using his suction machine, on high.  Also, my nasal passages start to hurt during the night.  Last night, I broke the seal on the mask to see if the humidity function was working and got sprayed in the face with water… So, it is, but it isn’t strong enough to overcome my already dry mucus membranes caused by Sjogren’s along with the forced air.
  • I’m more tired and have less energy now than before I started using it.  Yes, I took naps most afternoons, but let’s be honest, I work until the wee hours of the morning and only sleep 6 1/2 hours.  Now, I’m just exhausted.  The alarm goes off and all I can think about is breaking my phone for about two minutes.  I get up and I have no energy to do anything.  Poor Lola (and my mother), just taking her outside to go to the bathroom makes me want a nap.  Then I’m supposed to nap with the CPAP machine on and frankly, that means I don’t get a nap.  I may lay in bed for 2 hours, but I’ll only sleep about fifteen minutes of it.  So, even napping doesn’t give me energy to go on with my day.
  • And the biggest problem:  Last night, I was typing on a book and fell asleep at my keyboard.  My night time writing has gone from several hours to maybe thirty minutes, because I’m too tired to focus on it.  By 10:30, all I want to do is go to bed.  By midnight, the brain has completely stopped functioning.  When I do give in and go to bed early, I do not wake up early the next day and I do not wake up refreshed the next day… I actually wake up and feel like I have a hangover the next day.

So, how long does it take to get used to this machine?!?  This is becoming a serious problem.

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  1. Maria D.

     /  June 24, 2016

    Well…I think you needed the inpatient sleep study – you might want to check with your doctor about a different mask – my mom has one of those machines and it really helps her a lot – but I think she has a different mask.

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    • I have to use the full mask because my uvula is slightly larger than normal and partial covers my airway making me a mouth breather. ☹️


  2. You do get used to it. My dad has one and after a few weeks he was sleeping better at night. He used to fall asleep in his chair watching tv pretty much right after dinner, now he rarely does that and usually only after he’s gone a few days without using it. Not sure if he has a different mask though.

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  3. Martha L Speller

     /  June 30, 2016

    I know exactly where you are as I am fighting with the same thing. I do have an adjustable bed which has made it a bit easier so I do not try to sleep on my sides anymore. So here is my suggestion. Get a wedge pillow so it raises you up a bit and then you will want a nice pillow that will support your shoulders, neck and head so you do not feel like that your are pushing your chin into your chest.

    I was a big side sleeper and have found this slight change has helped me keep a better seal. Another suggestion is to wash your face before you go to bed to be sure there is no accumulation of oils on your face from the day so the mask will not slip.

    I also put my hair in a ponytail so I can slip the band under neath it. I found that helps a lot as well.

    As far as the dry mouth goes…I have a lot of meds that cause dry mouth for me to begin with and the machine is just an added part. I tend to sleep with my mouth open anyway. It will get better, at least that is what I am told. Though I will tell you my family has noticed that my sleeping is better they could tell when I did stop breathing

    Since I started raising my head a bit it has improved a lot and I don’t tend to move as much and I am sleeping better. I hope some of this helps you.


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