A Butterfly Flapped Its Wings

The morning top 5 trending news yesterday was about the TopGear debacle, Donald Trump’s calling shenanigans on the GOP, some celebrities I have never heard of filing for divorce, protests in Chicago (this time the teenager was armed when shot), and Yasiel Puig taking out a second baseman to avoid a tag.

However of these five stories, only one really needed a spot in the morning trend: Armed Teen Killed in Chicago, Protests Erupt.  That is a story that we should all stand back and take a moment to read and process.  I haven’t read the entire article on it yet, but only because I was busy searching for 2 other news stories:

Elizabethkingia kills 20th person and 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Myanmar.

I’m still on the CDC’s epidemiology mail list, so when there is unusual activity, I get the CDC scope.  Elizabethkingia is a bacterial infection that is usually harmless.  Normally, the US sees less than a dozen cases a year.  However, according to the CDC, we have seen a sudden spike in Wisconsin and Michigan with over 60 cases being reported.  Now, a person has died of the infection in Illinois.  So, what exactly has happened to the Elizabethkingia bacteria to make it more infectious?  Much like e.coli, it’s found in water, soil, just about everything we touch and it isn’t a big deal.  Something has to happen for a spike to occur.  It is why I’m fascinated by bubonic plague.  It had always been around, but during the 14th century, something happened to it that suddenly created an epidemic of massive proportions in Europe.  I did finally find the news story, it was buried in the 10th position o the trending news.

However, there was nothing on the Myanmar earthquake.

Now, I get that most people probably aren’t entirely sure where Myanmar is (it’s above India, to the east) and of those that do, the earthquake probably isn’t a huge deal because things happening in Myanmar are unlikely to impact those in other countries, unless you live in a country that touches it.  But Myanmar is not a rich country.  Most of it’s citizens live in poverty.  They build hovels and huts for shelter.  A large earthquake there could result in the deaths of thousands of people.   Not to mention the country-wide destruction, a state of national emergency, and the displacement of any survivors.  It’s a big deal.  We are talking about an earthquake large enough to level most of the country’s housing and honestly, their infrastructure as well.  we could be looking at a situation much like the one in Haiti several years ago when they were hit with a large earthquake.  They are still attempting to recover and that’s not easy in a poor country.

It makes me sad.  Puig’s play probably was dirty and he should be fined.  The mess at TopGear will need to be fixed because it is an internationally loved TV show (that’s why there is a US spin-off).  There might be truth to Trump’s allegations that the GOP is not all that interested in him becoming president and therefore, attempting to sabotage his presidential bid.  And I’m sure the divorce is very hard for all parties involved, including their fans.

But let’s be honest; all those stories are just distractions from the real problems of the world like a bacteria suddenly becoming more infectious, yet another young person dead, and a country that could be in ruin after a natural disaster.  While we all need distractions from time to time, we are becoming a society that only pays attention to the distractions.  As such, we are losing our ability to record our real history.

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  1. TV

     /  April 14, 2016

    I frequently get angry when slapped in the face that ALL whites were responsible for slavery and need to make payments.. they never seem to have an idea that we were also like Australia used as a penal colony.. That White were also owned as slaves as well as Indians.. To hear it told now Islam was always a peaceful society and hated by Christians only because they were ignorant Christians..never mind the Barbary Coast pirates where the beginning of our Marine corps. Yes Nepal can suffer a Earth quake, The Dali-Lama may be totally wiped out by China, and six yr old’s get shot on a bed doing homework.. There are diseases that were all but gone in America until we suddenly see a influx of refugees that had a different strain of the same and they have immune systems adapted but we don’t, Ellis Island was there for a reason.. parents that think I don’t have to vaccinate MY CHILD against whooping cough because others have been..never mind that some vaccines never take in some people. Things happen every day that shouldn’t and even if you are an atheist when a dying senior begs you to pray with them during their final breaths is not the time to be snotty and say you know there is no GOD.. I nearly landed in jail taking a nursing assistant out in a parking lot thankful that I had hear the plea and the assistant’s caustic remark and gone in and held their hand, pray and sing a hymn to her crying as I only to loose the DNR Great- grandmother moments later.. She was Lucky I simply and very angrily sent her home for the shift, doing her job and mine for the remainder of the night.. and being written up for taking an unauthorized penalty action against an employee, but happy she was moved off the wing with the most terminal patients was worth it. making it totally worth it it to me. Bad things happen to good people every day, yet we have to move on, I know my pain and ailments are nothing compares to some..I pray and if it’s not answered I trust God is simply busy with something that deserves it more then my petty thoughts. I learned Myanmar as Burma back when my old globe was made.. things change constantly..it’s how we see it that matters.. You see somethings more then others.. Thank you for pointing out there is a rest of the world outside of our house, block, street, city, state and boundaries..

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    • I just get frustrated when the general public seems more concerned with the trivial things; like celebrity divorce than major things that could have a serious impact. As a historian, it’s the difference between keeping a narrative of all Nero’s lovers while ignoring the fact that 50% of Rome burnt down in a great fire.


  2. Could not agree more – the real news gets buried while garbage makes the front page. Frankly I’m sick to death of Trump and all of his hate speech – and I’m a Republican most of the time – I feel dreadful for the people of Myanmar (Burma) – they were already in dire straits what with the civil war that is ongoing and the genocide taking place. Also I find it interesting that they completely didn’t cover the rise in this bacteria that is obviously spreading but in my neck of the woods they have been going on non-stop for days about the Zika virus – so at least they are covering that. I don’t think the Puig will get in trouble for what he did – it was mostly just a smooth move and no one was injured. I’ll have to investigate the teen shooting more.

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