A Thirty-Five Year Old Injury X-Rayed

One of the tests I had done recently (yesterday actually) was a full skeletal X-ray.  I know they were looking for signs of leukemia or other bone related cancers, anything that might explain my current problems.  However, it came back clean except for some injuries that had healed but were still visible.

They mentioned I had arthritis in both hands, which I already knew.  Then they mentioned that I had arthritis starting in both hips and it appeared both my hips had been traumatically injured at some point.

Well, they were, almost 36 years ago as a matter of fact (yes, I’m thirty-five).  My mother is a petite woman, short and when she got pregnant with me, very slender.  I was determined to be a large baby, 8.8lbs at delivery (a month early) and 22 inches long.  Now, most people will immediately think that I was not a big baby, but for a woman who is 5’1″ and 110 pounds with no room for a baby like that, I was massive (my sister was only 7.4 pounds and 19 inches long, she was much easier to carry).  Plus, my mother is a birther.  From the time she started labor until my sister was born was just under two hours.  With me, it was just over two hours.

All of this combined lead to me being born with my hips out of socket.  The problem was caught at my first infant check-up (maybe 8 weeks old).  My hips were shoved back into socket and I spent the following two years wearing double and triple layer diapers to give my hips support.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that this would be visible on an X-ray at the age of 35.  However, each hip socket showed grooving, on both the socket and the ball that went in it.  I knew this injury existed because of my shoulder; it has grooving from going in and out of socket so many times.  In this instance, it was the youth of the bone that created the grooving when my hips were shoved back into socket.

The marvels of modern science.

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