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I’m often asked for suggestions on cover artists and I always tell them Covered Creatively.  Recently, I got a new question: Why do you always tell everyone to go talk to Covered Creatively?  The answer is simple, she’s the best I’ve worked with.

Let me explain.  Before finding Angela & Covered Creatively, there had been 4 different cover artists for The Strachan Series.  Each one had done a decent job, but none had done an awesome job, because it’s really hard to get the gist of what I want when I tell people about the book.  I’m not an artist.  I don’t even pretend to be an artist.  Photoshop might as well be in Greek and frankly, I can spend days searching through stock images (which I did for one cover artist) and find stuff I like, but in the end, someone has to make those work (which she didn’t).  One even bought the wrong licensing for the images and I had to change the covers as a result.

Each of the The Dysfunctional Chronicles had a different cover artist (yep, there were 5 of them, plus me).  Two didn’t return messages after they finished the work and I need changes made.  I was totally unhappy with three of the covers, even after a handful of revisions and they said “you have to pick one of these or pay me more” and ended up making quick and easy covers myself for those.  I wanted something cutesy, like I have now, but I wasn’t getting it.

Then there was the first 3 Dreams & Reality books.  I will admit I like them.  I like the cover of Elysium Dreams the least as far as artistic vision and the cover of Mercurial Dreams the least when it comes to understanding what the book is about.  My readers dislike Tortured Dreams the most, which is sort of ironic, since it’s the one I think looks the best.  The problem with Elysium Dreams is that it is pretty close to another cover done by the same artist – essentially there was a man where the tree stands on the cover Elysium Dreams.  I have no idea what Mercurial Dreams is about based on the cover, poisoned fish would be my guess, but it was the 12th revision and she was done.  I had to pick one, it was my favorite, so that’s what I went with.

When it came time to do the Explosive Dreams cover, the original cover artist for the series had disappeared (I don’t know if she passed away or just quit doing covers, either is possible).  I needed a new cover artist in a hurry and found Covered Creatively on Etsy.  I messaged her, she messaged me back, I paid her and Explosive Dreams is still one of my favorites (however, it does get pushed further down on the list with the addition of new covers).  When I realized I needed to recover the Strachan books yet again, Angela did it and she did an amazing job.  So, after a few more jobs, I asked her if she could do the cutesy, cartoonish covers that are so popular with Rom-Coms.  She said she would love to try and we put new covers on the Dysfunctional Chronicles.

She makes my 11th cover artist in 4 1/2 years.  She has by far been the best.  I send her ideas that she rejects and replaces with much better ones.  I can send her adjectives and get a great cover, even when I don’t know exactly what I want (Summoned Dreams particularly).  I look through her portfolio from time to time just to check out her pre-mades because I love some of them too (Ritual Dreams, Flawless Dreams, & Terrific Tales were all pre-made covers that I have loved for a while and just didn’t have a book for them… until now).  I have even considered having her redo the first 3 Dreams covers.

So, yes, when someone asks me for a good cover artist, Covered Creatively instantly comes to mind.  She does my covers and so much more (she recently finished a new Facebook & Twitter banner and has designed my logo for when I finally make an LLC to publish under and save me from taxes and myself).

The best part for me, her covers sell.  With the recovering of the Strachan Series and The Dysfunctional Chronicles, sales increased, nearly doubling.  I’m often told how much people like the covers on the Dreams books, particularly the six she has done that I have released already.  The other covers which I have revealed have also gotten high praise.

It would be impossible for me not to make her my first recommendation for a cover artist.

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  1. Aw! Thanks for the recommendation! It definitely helps that you are very easy to work with and are open to different ideas!

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