I See You

It’s one thing to return an ebook because you hated it, it’s another to read all the books in a series and return them.

What most readers don’t realize about Amazon, is that they show the number of returns to the author.  It isn’t real time, but it’s close.

So, when this happens, I can see it:

  • March 1: Mercurial Dreams returned
  • March 3: Explosive Dreams returned
  • March 4: Cannibal Dreams returned
  • March 5: Butchered Dreams returned
  • March 6: Summoned Dreams returned
  • March 8: Battered Dreams returned
  • March 10: Belladonna Dreams returned
  • March 12: Mutilated Dreams returned

Which is exactly how it happened this month.  Day 5 was a Friday, so I’m guessing they did some heavy reading over the weekend to get Cannibal, Butchered, Summoned, and Battered read by the end of Monday night.

Now, I average 10 returns a month on Amazon (I keep track in my super duper spreadsheet from hell both monthly and yearly as well as the books returned).  Most of them are Dark Cotillion, a few are Mercurial Dreams, a few are Dysfunctional Valentine and the rest are pretty random (one month I had 14 returns of Belladonna Dreams and no other returns and it was not the month it was released).  Sometimes, the returner contacts me (I bought this book thinking it was number 2 and was so confused!! or I bought this book and it just seemed so different than the others in the series that it had trouble holding my interest/I was disappointed with the ending or lack thereof.).  That number does not include months like this one, where someone obviously went through and read each book but returned it.

It’s an interesting way to save money.  They can avoid being Kindle Unlimited members by doing this.  They can also avoid paying the author.  And that’s where I get a little irritated.  I make my ebooks available to libraries (at free or reduced costs).  If you want to save money, tell your library to get the ebook (or print book, as those are available to them as well).

For the record, the most returned book I have ever written is Dark Legacies.  I think it’s because of how the series ended.

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  1. Becki Milcarek

     /  March 16, 2016

    I completely agree with your feelings toward this type of behavior. It shows a lack of respect for the time, energy and effort that it takes to write a book let alone a series of books. Does Amazon have a way to track and see if somebody does this habitually and if so can they do something about it? Personally I have purchased all of your Dream series and just purchased the 1st book in the Dysfunctional series and I could not imagine “returning” any of them. They have been my go to when I need to escape in my head. I just wanted to let you know that there are readers out here who respect and enjoy your work and happily pay for it.


    • Most of my readers are willing to let me keep my royalties. It doesn’t happen often, once or twice a year, but it does annoy me. As for Amazon tracking it, I don’t know if they do or not. Or would do anything about it. They do have rules about how much time you have to return ebooks and you have to tell why you want to return them.


  2. Amazon is supposed to flag those “buyers” and limit their ability to return books, but I doubt they really do.

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  3. TV

     /  March 16, 2016

    I have only returned a book immediately when it pops up that I had bought it before and my fingers had clicked buy as mind absorbed, but never ever done something like that, That should be brought to Amazon’s attention, and they should pay or have their account debited.. robbing an author is simply that robbery, and stealing a book out of Barnes and Nobel and returning it for the next is no different.. I don’t contact authors unless I find that in the first page or two This was released as XYZ.. and I know I read it and that was why I hunted the author down to get the next part and they never write it they just keep changing publishers and covers.. That ticks me off say it was pre published..

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