Sleep? What’s That?

Friday night and Saturday were spent running a charity tournament (I did, in fact, volunteer to run it… the family involved is very important to me and because I’m a girl who gets emotional, a lot, I cried when we gave them the money and then I cried a little more because I realized just how much I miss them and then I stopped crying and someone started talking to me about how great it was and I started crying again).

Here were my two days:

Friday – Wrote my fingers off most of the day.  Did get a short nap (20 minutes).  Then packed up all my computer equipment and electronics (tablet, laptop, printer, SO’s tablet, back-up tablet, mouse because the one on my keyboard sucks, laptop board because I just always pack it), extra ink, paper cardstock, my Jamberry bag (yes, I have an entire bag and I had ladies coming to the tournament that wanted to try the lacquers and no, I’m not a consultant), donation items for the auction, and donation items for the raffle.  I slapped on some Jamberry Gunmetal Lacquer and took Lola outside to play for 30 minutes (turned out my nails weren’t entirely dry, so they sort of looked awful by the time we got done running, playing fetch with a stick, and playing fetch with a ball).  My SO got home, I packed the car while he changed and we headed to the tournament.  There was a homestyle meal of fried chicken with lots of fixings (my plate could have held 1/4 of the food it contained and I still would have been full).  Then I hastily unpacked all my equipment and set up for the events of the evening.  During this time, I was also trying to manage Who Am I? Serial Killer Edition on my Facebook page.  Got home at 1 am, with McDonald’s, because dinner had been 7 1/2 hours earlier.  Lola decided she wasn’t ready to go back to bed… She wanted to play.  She finally let us fall asleep a little after 3 am.  I did not sleep well.

Saturday:  Got up at 7:30 am (I NEVER get up that early… I need about 6 1/2 hours of sleep and usually go to bed at 2:00 am), showered, took Lola out, packed some of the electronics back in the car (I never ever ever leave my laptop unguarded for more than a few minutes, I even take it with me to darts when I go to league).  Got to the dart hall at 9 am.  Got the first event started a little late.  Started Who Am I? Serial Killer Edition on Facebook.  Spent the day trying to manage a tournament, a raffle, a 50/50 drawing, and an auction (thank God for friends who are auctioneers).  Bought too much stuff, including a 5 feet x 9 feet Jagermeister flag (no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it looked cool).  Cried while presenting the money.  Cried more when I talked to the family.  Cried again when someone congratulated me on how well everything went.  Didn’t think to blame the crying on my lack of sleep, until 10 seconds ago. Got everything packed, loaded into the car, and made it home by 9 pm (with Subway… We did a fish fry today and I’m allergic, so I ate Doritos and peanuts all day).  Ate dinner, played with Lola, balanced my checkbook, got depressed because my checkbook looks very sad right now, and made plans to go to bed.  Then I remembered I needed to find some more obscure and harder serial killers, because everyone is getting the Who Am I? usually on the first guess.  So, I started researching.  Realized it was midnight, checked Facebook, started several conversations, then wrote this blog post.

Sunday:  Sleeping in.  Watching the Superbowl.  Might take a nap.  Will definitely write a lot.

The problem is, despite being exhausted, I’m just not used to going to bed at 12:30… I always go to bed at 2.  So, I’m still up on Saturday night with 1 1/2 hours until bedtime. Maybe I’ll write for that time… or play a video game.  It could go either way at this moment.

(PS:  Should have another cover to show soon!)

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