I’m a Volunteer Victim of My Own Making

For some time now, I have been attempting to convince my dart league that I can no longer be involved with tournaments in any way, shape, or form… Unless I’m volunteering my money to play in an event or three.  This year, they listened and attempted to hire people to run the annual event.  It did not go well.

So, I will once again be running the tournament.  It’s Friday & Saturday.

Last week, I developed a knot in my neck.  It’s visible to the naked eye.  It looks like a growth, possibly of alien origin since it changes sizes.  It is very sore to the touch.  I also developed a headache.  Not a migraine, but a headache.  Over the weekend, I got a migraine, but I got rid of it.  However, the headache was still there, which is about the weirdest thing ever (and yes, there is a huge difference between a migraine and a headache).

Today, I went and saw my doctor to talk about something else, but since I was there, I had him look at the unnatural knot.  He explains it’s a muscle knot and I should try to destress.  He gives me a list of things to do (which I’ve been doing).  And asks what is stressing me out.

I don’t know.  Writing is going fantabulous.  If I keep up this pace, I’ll have 12 books done by the end of October of 2015 and I haven’t even started adjusting for time schedules and things.  I’m also ahead on covers.  Covered Creatively had a pre-made that I have been in love with since it was posted, but I never could figure out a story for it.  Then it hit me, like freakin’ lightning.  So, I bought the cover for Ritual Dreams and she started work on the cover for Fortified Dreams.  This means the stress is not work related.  My personal life, well Lola’s been driving me nuts.  She’s cute as hell, but she needs Valium for my sanity.  I’m a lazy person, a lazy dog would fit my lifestyle better.  Having said that, Lola is good for me in a lot of ways; I’ve under 200 pounds for the first time in 10 years or more.  Her hyper activity may not always happen at opportune moments, but she makes me get up and exercise, even when it’s cold.  And as crazy as she drives me, I adore her.  Especially when she does let me work, because she curls up next to me on the couch, puts her head on a pillow and her nose on my leg and falls asleep.  It’s really hard not to love her.  My relationship with my SO is going strong.  No weird things happening with my friends or family.  I don’t know why I’m so stressed.

I come home and it hits me… I’m running a tournament in 2 days.  Last week, when the knot first appeared, I was working on tournament related stuff (ordering ink, stocking paper, figuring out the logistics of moving my computer equipment, etc).  My SO was working on standards, because we had some donated that needed some work.

Tonight, we are watching TV, but my mind was running through something else, something tournament related and my headache gets worse.  The vision in one eye becomes blurry and I have to cover it to see the damn TV.

Tournaments will be the death of me…

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  1. I know nothing about darts other than it would be dangerous for anyone to be near me when I throw one – especially anything steel tipped – otherwise I’d volunteer to help you with the league tournaments – is there no one else who can do the stuff – or take on the prep work? It just seems wrong to me for you to become ill over it is all. Think about a vacation – with Lola and your SO – to a warm tropical beach setting….perhaps it’s time for a long distance vacay…if you can squeeze it into the budget:)

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