The Dog, The Neighbors, & The Weather

If you don’t want to hear about my dog, my neighbors, or how much I hate the cold weather, you should skip this post.

Lola is driving me nuts.  This is because she has been spayed and it is freaking cold.  First, the spaying.  Along with spaying, we had her dewclaws removed.  I did not get her a cone to wear to keep her from chewing and that may have been my fault.  However, the vet told us for a week or so, to keep her indoors.  She is not to be outside unsupervised nor is she to spend much time outside at all.  We don’t want her getting her stitches dirty.  Problem is, Lola really really really really really likes the outdoors.  Furthermore, she’s still a terror, spaying has not helped (guess it really does only help male dogs).  Anyway, so Lola wanted to be outdoors for the first 7 days and was not allowed.  Now, she can be outside, supervised for short periods of times, but it’s freakin’ cold!

Now, cold is a relative term and I get that.  Anything less than 60 is cold to me.  Right now, temps are in the teens or so, but windchills are in the negatives.  There are not enough layers I can put on to make it ok for me to be outside for more than about 2 minutes.  I know because I’ve had to take her out several times.  Furthermore, the forced time inside is getting her days and nights screwed up and I’m not getting much work done.  For three days, I’ve averaged 2 hours of work a day.

As for my neighbors… I have a dog with stitches in her feet and underbelly.  She can’t be out without supervision.  Our neighborhood requires all dogs to either be on a leash or a chain when they are outside if they are not in a fenced in yard.  Most of the time, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that follows this rule.  We are surrounded by basset hounds, pit bulls, and some small weird dog that needs hair and squeaks when it barks.  All of them seem to go through the same ritual; the door gets opened, the dogs go out, the door gets closed.

They get pissy with us because Lola, if she’s out, barks.  Since she’s a German Shepherd mix, it sounds mean, but it’s not.   She’s very friendly.  Very very very very friendly and very excitable (the other half is collie).  The barking is because she wants to play, but my neighbors take it as a sign she’s aggressive.  Their dogs aren’t allowed to play with her, but they are allowed to run free and enter our yard while she’s out and it’s our fault, despite having Lola on a leash.  Talk about pissing me off… I’m starting to dislike all my neighbors with dogs.

So, Lola gets her stitches out Wednesday and it’s supposed to warm up to the 30s…I’m looking forward to her having some outside time.  She’s being enrolled in private dog training, she’s too social to do well in a class with other dogs.  Then it will be time to start looking for Doggy Day Care.  At least once a week, I would like to be able to send her somewhere to play with other dogs, all day.  It will allow me to work those days.

I’m having a small problem with being home and working.  Everyone else that lives here leaves to go to work and while I do love being able to work in my pajamas, I would also love to get a break from Lola once in a while so I can work.  Also, Lola is a bit of a music critic and has figured out her nose will work to change the songs on my iPhone.  If she doesn’t like something, she touches the screen with her nose and she might do this three or four times before she finds something she approves of…

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  1. OMG…only you would get a dog who is a music critic…your neighbors need to chill and get a freaking clue – are you back to house hunting? And yes…it’s freaking cold and I don’t like it…I will go public and admit that I really don’t like the weather when it gets below 40 degrees …that’s my bottom tolerance

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