Don’t Punish Readers…

This is an expansion on yesterday.  I ended with a point that if you aren’t selling on Amazon it’s as bad as selling only on Amazon.  Here’s my feeling on this:

You are punishing potential readers.  

Think about that.  If your ebook isn’t available everywhere, then anyone looking for your ebook and not finding it, is a lost sale.  And you are basically telling potential readers Hey, if you don’t want to read it using iBooks, that’s your loss.

That attitude sucks.  Not only have you alienated a potential reader, you’ve lost money.  Do you want to one day give up your day job and write full time?  Fat chance of that…  Those people who went looking for your books a year ago and found they could only buy them somewhere other than Amazon are not going to suddenly start buying your ebooks just because they are now available on Amazon.

Why should they?  Everyone else is seven books into the series and they are only now being allowed to start book one.  As an author, you should not dictate how people read your ebooks and if you are, don’t be surprised if you piss some people off and lose some sales.

This is why I hate Amazon’s exclusivity deal.  Sure, you might earn a few higher royalties in areas where other indies are earning just 35%, but you are telling every Nook owner to Sucks to be you, should have bought a Kindle.

Or worse, when you hit the distribute button in CreateSpace or whatever platform you used for the print copies, you selected Barnes & Noble.  Now Nook owners have to make a choice because they can buy the print copy of your book at $15.99, but they can’t buy the ebook and they know it!  I’m not willing to shell out $15.99 for a paperback that I might or might not like and will have little value at the used bookstore if I go to trade it in.  Especially, since the author doesn’t want to allow me to purchase the ebook copy on my Nook.  Why?  Because I’m being punished for owning a Nook instead of a Kindle.  Sorry, Author X, I probably won’t be buying any of your ebooks or paperbacks.

The other thing that gets me is authors who release books earlier on one site than they do another (this happened to me at least twice last year with pre-orders).  So, as a Kindle user, I have to wait an entire week longer to get my copy of How to Kill Your Mother with a Paperclip by Author X, but my cousin, who uses an iPad got it a week earlier than me because she buys stuff through iBooks.  How is that fair to me, the reader?  It’s not and I cancelled my pre-order of said book because I’m not going to allow an author to dictate how I should their book.  I have also cancelled a pre-order that was being released two weeks earlier on Kindle than on iBooks.  Not because I use iBooks (I actually read on an android tablet using the Kindle app), but because the author was rewarding me for being better than other readers who were using Nook or iBooks to read their stupid novel.

The nice thing about being an indie is not having a publishing house looming over you telling you what you can and cannot do (I’ve had some experience there).  However, it also doesn’t mean you should be a jerk and dictate how your readers (the people that pay you money) can read your book.

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  1. Great post – makes me want to sing “Sing it Sister” ….publish on every platform available if you want readers to find you and read your books –



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