Where The Hell Have I Been?

I know, it’s been two weeks since I graced the site with a post.  Mostly, I’ve been thinking and wondering and trying to figure things out.

First, Lola the Puppy does not like my laptop.  This is a huge problem.  She attacks the board when I attempt to use it or she barks at it like it has just sprouted teeth and is set to devour her.  One afternoon, it bothered her enough that her hackles actually raised as she barked at the thing.  I don’t know if produces a sound she doesn’t like that I can’t hear or what… Regardless, this means that writing anything has been a chore.  Could I use my tablet to write a blog post?  Yes, but I hate trying to type out a full page of text from a tablet.  Ditto for my phone.  So, I’ve just been avoiding the dastardly device.

Second, I have undertaken a challenge that I’m pretty sure confirms that I have lost my mind.  Thankfully, I have a year to figure out the logistics.  As most know, the writer Liz Schulte and I reside in the same city and we meet irregularly for breakfast/brunch.  She is doing something insane in 2016… And I agreed to do the same in 2017.  It will require me to write a book a month as well as publish a book a month (of course, I will not be publishing the book I write in January in January, there has to be time for editors and beta readers, meaning I will need a few books up my sleeve, so to speak).  This means my 2016 just got a little busier.  I had planned on releasing 3 novels plus 2 novellas in 2016 and I still intend to do that, but I will also be writing ahead for 2017.

Third, taking up this friendly challenge has created a writing flow.  I had been missing it for some time, but the moment I said “if you do it, I’ll do it” the words began to scream in my brain to be released.  Of course, this hasn’t gone as well as planned because of the first thing on this list, but it will get better.  Thankfully, oh so thankfully, it removed the funk I had been feeling all year.

Fourth, it’s December.  December is a month full of challenges.  I have trouble getting into the holiday mood.  Perhaps it is because I have just finished 2 huge holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving) or perhaps it’s some other weird thing, but it’s hard for me to find the Christmas mood.  I have the spirit.  I love giving people gifts.  I love watching them open them.  It makes me feel good to do it.  However, the decorating, the planning of holiday meals, the get togethers, the time spent with family, and all the trimmings that go with Christmas fills me with anxiety.  I bounce between feeling great to feeling like I’m on the verge of a panic attack all the time.  I have more migraines in December, something I didn’t think possible, but it turns out it is.  I have more heartburn and I randomly get a shaky feeling for no reason, like my blood pressure has either bottomed out or skyrocketed.

Finally, I’m having shoulder issues.  It has been dislocated a few times in the last couple of weeks and continues to be inflamed and achy.  Typing is a problem when it bothers me.  I also lose some of the feeling in my fingertips, which seems to impact my typing ability.  While most typing is muscle memory for me, not all of it is.  It’s my left shoulder and I’m right handed, so I’ve been trying to rest it, but it turns out that while I think I only type with it, I do other things too (like hold a fork, sleep – and sleeping on it can cause it to dislocate, pick things up because despite the damage done to it 12 years ago, it remains my stronger arm, and I carry around a backpack most of the time, which I absently sling over it from time to time, and the big one; hold the dog leash in it without thinking about it until she has run to the end of her sixteen feet tether and jerks me forward because she is getting very strong).

Well, now you have a little preview of things to come as well as an idea of why I’ve been so quiet lately.

My publishing schedule right now for 2016:

  • Mutilated Dreams (March)
  • Apex Dreams (November)
  • Untitled Horror Novel – Stand alone ghost story (July)
  • The Dysfunctional Beginning (Unknown)
  • The Dysfunctional Birth (Unknown)
  • Maybe a story (set?) from the Reality side (Unknown, the first draft sucks of this, Malachi just has no personality)
  • Maybe one other Dysfunctional Chronicle
  • And maybe a book of short stories
  • (The bolded ones will definitely be published, the others are all maybes)

My plan for 2017:

  • 6 Dreams & Reality Novels
  • All 3 Death Demon novels (Strachan Spin-off)
  • 3 unknown novels of some sort (I might even climb out of my comfort zone a little with these and try my hand at some new genres)
  • 4 Dysfunctional Novellas
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  1. I think Lola the puppy is jealous of the attention you “lavish” on the laptop so that’s part of why she barks at it – lol – or she’s got very sensitive hearing and is annoyed by the internal fans in the laptop or the keyboard noise. Yay to the challenge but boo on your shoulder hurting – maybe a heat pad type bodywrap will help the shoulder? December is a hard month on a lot of people because of those very things you mention for the holidays. This year we didn’t really decorate much and it’s been so much easier – plus I just refuse to stress out this year – the relatives come and go …lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We are human, thumb possessing, problem solvers. You just need the right tool. 😊

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    • Actually, I’ve been told to wait on anymore training until after she is spayed. She knows all her commands, but in the last two weeks has developed a desire not to follow any of them. She woke up one morning and was no longer Lovely Lola, but Hell Hound Lola. We only have an estimate on age and believe she will be 24 weeks around the first of January… However, the vet thinks she might be getting ready to enter her first heat cycle and that is the cause of her behavior (and I’m horrified that she can have puppies before she loses all her baby teeth, but she can… learn something new every day!).



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